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Diarrhoea is a common problem of the digestive tract that is caused as a result of the bacteria E.Coli or due to some unhealthy food habits. This condition also called as the irritable bowel movement condition results in the persisting watery bowel movement and finally ends in the complete dehydration of the person. This condition is called as acute diarrhoea when it is present only for few days. As it prolongs, it is called as chronic diarrhoea and this requires serious medical help before it gets any worse.

Diarrhoea can result due to several factors and it does not have just one underlying cause.

  • Transmission can be via a parasite of the intestinal lining, virus or bacteria.
  • Taking contaminated foods or drinking contaminated water.
  • Taking various types of pharmaceutical drugs all at the same time.
  • Eating foods that are too oily or greasy.
  • Overconsumption of alcohol.

In some cases, diarrhoea may be one of the underlying symptoms leading to another big problem. Diarrhoea needs to be treated properly after its onset since medically it has been found that this condition serves as one of the symptoms for various diseases. But this fact does not mean that every individual who gets diarrhoea is going to be implicated with some disease in the near future. Taking an organic treatment is just a precautionary measure to avoid any form of damage to the health in the future.

Diarrhoea in its simple state is not life threatening and leaves the individual after causing discomfort to the bowel movements. Dehydration is the main aspect of diarrhoea and they both go hand in hand. Due to the excessive fluid loss with the abnormal bowel movements, the individual is left dehydrated and energy is sapped away from the body. If this is not taken care of properly, the condition of the patient may become severe and ultimately result in death in the end. This serves to be the main reason why individuals, especially babies, need to be properly taken care of.

These remedies have been found to be effective for many individuals suffering from diarrhoea. The remedies for the conditions ranges like,

  • Probiotics

The bacterium belong to the Lactobacillus family is seen to be present in the yoghurt which is taken as a probiotic. During diarrhoea, the intestinal bacteria gets thrown off balance and this Lactobacillus species bacteria, helps in regaining the lost control.

This organic product helps in treating diarrhoea and called as Probiotics with a purpose.

  • Blackberries and raspberries

These berries are rich in tannins. They have been used as a part of folk treatment for several years. Having the tea made of dried raspberry or blackberry leaves helps to alleviate the problem. The tea can be had how much ever times a person wants in a day.

The leaf extract can be used for preparing tea and is called as Raspberry Leaf.

  • Ginger

For ages, ginger has been used for the purpose of helping in proper digestion. Ginger tea can be prepared from the ginger root extract and can be taken after every meal.

This can be used as a dietary supplement and is called as Ginger Root.

  • Psyllium

Psyllium is a well known anti-diarrheal agent. These seeds help to soak up the excess water in the intestine and part of many organic dietary supplements that contains fibres. This can be taken thrice a day.

The husk can be used as a dietary supplement and is called Quality Psyllium Husk.

  • Goldenseal

This herb has the main component berberine. This helps to kill the excessive E.Coli bacteria in the intestine that is causing the condition. This has to be taken daily.

The herb can be mixed with black tea and is called Golden Seal Herb.

  • Black tea

Black tea is seen to be effective for diarrhoea when it is consumed after mixing with honey or with some medicinal herbs. This can be taken every day.

The product is called as Stash Black Tea.

Diarrhoea becomes easy to manage by following some of the natural remedies for treating the condition. With the increased abnormal bowel movements, the person loses excessive water and dehydrates faster. Instead of solid foods, it is better to take up all fluid diet till the condition is taken care of.

These natural and organic remedies do not have many side effects and are effective as a method of treatment. These natural remedies can also be used for treating other ailments in the individual.


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