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Acidity is a common problem among adults and can cause pain, irritation and other issues. After a good day’s meal, just when you sit down to relax, those heartburns and burning ache in the stomach can ruin everything. There are numerous antacids and other medicines available in the market to treat acidity. But the trouble is that they all contain chemicals that can cause potential harm to the lining of the stomach along with other undesirable side effects. So, it is better to switch to organic products to treat acidity so that your stomach will get the natural treatment that it deserves.

What causes acidity?

Our stomach produces hydrochloric acid and other acids that aid in the proper digestion of food. This is neutralized by the production of alkalis such as prostaglandins and bicarbonates by the mucus lining of the stomach. These two processes have to work in the right balance so as to facilitate proper and trouble-free digestion. This balance maintains the pH level of the stomach at the ideal measure. If something disturbs this balance, the pH level varies, leading to acidity.

There are several factors that can disturb the pH balance of our stomach. Eating habits play an important role in this regard. Fat diets, overconsumption of spicy food, alcohol and smoking, etc. can disrupt the acid-alkali balance of the stomach. Irregularity in eating pattern is another major cause of acidity. Skipping meals can lead to secretion of higher levels of acids in the stomach than needed.

When this balance is disrupted, the stomach either becomes too acidic or too alkaline. This can damage the stomach lining which is made of soft tissue. It can lead to ulcers in the stomach and can have serious implications in the future.


What are the symptoms?

The main symptoms are burning sensation in the stomach and throat accompanied by pain, sour taste in the mouth, belching, etc. It can cause major irritation in the stomach and render you restless and agitated. Sometimes, acidity can also lead to constipation and indigestion as well. Nausea is also seen among people suffering from acidity.


What are the remedies?

  1. Herbal tea

Replace all the fluids in your diet with herbal tea. There are numerous herbs that are known to be effective in treating acidity. The triphala formula which contains the herbs Haritaki, Vibhitaki, and Amlaki has been proven to be helpful in reducing acidity. There are other herbs that have properties beneficial to reducing acidity. Drinking tea made from these herbs on daily basis can bring a significant change in the acidity levels.


  1. Organic supplements

Treating acidity with antacids can have adverse effects in the long run due to the high chemical contents in them. Adding organic supplements to your diet, which contain only natural ingredients can aid in healing an irritated stomach with absolutely no side effects. There are various organic stomach supplement products available in the market that can help relieve you from acidity.

  1. Cold milk

Milk is a rich source of calcium and drinking milk when suffering from acidity can help in reducing the acid buildup inside the stomach. Drinking it cold can also provide instant relief from the burning sensation and ache that acidity causes.

  1. Ginger

This is a classic tried and tested method that is familiar to all the households. Ginger root is known to boost the production of mucus in the stomach and keeping the acid levels optimum. This will protect the lining of the stomach from being damaged. It can also aid in proper digestion and better absorption of nutrients from the food by the stomach wall.

  1. Mint leaves

Mint leaves are known for their cooling effect and can help in relieving the stomach from acidity. It will slow down the production of acid inside the stomach and ensure proper digestion of food takes place. The cooling effect will reduce the burning sensation and pain inside the stomach. You can add them in your tea for a quick relief.


Acidity can create irritation and pain, and turn your day for the worst. These organic remedies are easy and effective and will produce no unwarranted side effects. They are healthy and will help in relieving you from the woes and troubles of acidity. To know more about stomach related organic medicines, click here.


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