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So we’ve made up a list of the most beneficial Teas to help with the weight loss and checked in with experts on how exactly they work. And considering that the weight loss Teas are such a hot topic, we’ve decided to bust a few myths about them as well.

But before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: Teas are no miracle cure. For that matter, when it comes to weight loss, this isn’t what you should be looking for.

The most important thing is having the right attitude towards weight loss before initiating any program or regimen. Simply consuming Tea is not a smart strategy for weight loss, people gain weight over long, long periods of time, and they expect to lose it quickly – that’s not going to happen.

Instead, include drinking Teas, with weight loss inducing properties as part of a change in lifestyle – a change that comprises of consuming fewer calories and sweating out more. Weight loss is an integrated body experience. In order to see even minor tweaks in your body, you will have to make a lot of changes; drinking Tea alone is not going to cut it.

Drinking a “weight loss” Tea will do nearly nothing to aid you in losing weight if you don’t change your diet and exercising on a daily basis. There is no miracle to weight loss. No quick fix for it. It’s not exactly an easy task, but with a little bit of perseverance and dedication to the cause, an ideal weight is absolutely achievable. And the winning agenda should contain Tea!”


So now that we’re all on the same wavelength, we can get down to some serious business, which is exploring the wonderful world of weight loss Teas.

There are basically two types of Teas which induce weight loss:

  1. Diuretic Cleansing Teas: They are basically used to reduce your water weight. Some Teas that hike up your weight loss are not actually boosting fat loss, but on the contrary, water loss. But the question stands; if you want to lose weight, why would you want just to lose water weight?

    It is a lot more complicated than that, a lot of people who want to lose weight probably include too much salt in their diets and too much salt in their diets implies that there is an imbalance between Potassium and Sodium, which means that Sodium is keeping excess water weight in your body.

    The Teas that aid in water reduction is filled with Potassium; that basically helps you to shed weight. And to add to it, Teas that help you cleanse your body promote competent digestion and metabolism of a whole based food diet - which is actually the diet you should follow if weight loss is your ultimate goal. Parsley Tea and infusions of Dandelion, Horsetail and Stinging Nettle are some of the common examples.

  2. Lipolytic Teas: These contain certain agents that help in breaking down the body fat, they do so by increasing your thermogenesis which leads to increase the level of metabolism and hence helpful in burning fats efficiently.

    The scientists have studied the relationship between Tea and metabolism, the effects on cholesterol levels, and Tea’s ability to impact free radicals and oxidative stress, precisely the reason why we’re told to consume blueberries and drink more Tea, metabolism isn’t just the activity that burns off the excess fat in one’s body, but it is that which doesn’t allow fat to get accumulated in the first place.

    With that in mind, one of our primary objective while choosing food and Teas to incorporate into our daily diets with weight loss in mind should be heightening our metabolism. Certain Teas like Green Tea, Oolong Tea or the white Tea have the Lipolytic elements in it.


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