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For a long time now, the food that we consume and the performance of the brain as been interlinked and researched well. After a long research, foods that have been helpful in boosting the memory of the person have been listed and being prescribed by many nutritionists and doctors to people who feel that they need some kind of supplement to improve their brain’s function.

Memory Support comes under the list of foods that are consumed by people for improving the performance of the brain. These foods are suitable for both the children and the adults. These foods can be incorporated into the daily diet, and one does not have to follow a separate diet to have these foods. These foods are generally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, an important compound that helps in the brain development.

The brain can function properly only if the stomach feels good. This way, the memory of the person is also boosted, and the brain can function well. The foods taken up as a memory support are the ones that are naturally found. Foods under this category are:

  • Berries: All kinds of berries, especially Blueberries, can help in preventing any form of memory loss.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts are considered to be the best form of brain food. They are rich in Vitamin E.
  • Lycopene: Tomatoes have good antioxidant properties and very effective for preventing Dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Vitamin supplements: Vitamin supplements like B6, B12 and folic acid are important for preventing stroke and also in repairing any impairment in the cognitive part of the brain.
  • Vegetables: All green leafy vegetables like Broccoli and Sage are effective since they have Vitamin K in them.
  • Dietary seeds: Taking in seeds like Pumpkin seeds and Flaxseeds can help to boost the memory.

Joy by Nature has a whole range of memory support foods that have proven to be effective. All these products contain the components that form a part of the Ayurvedic medicines.

Herbal Hills Shankhpushpi powder

The Shankhpushpi flower is an important Ayurvedic plant. The powdered formula helps in the rejuvenation of the nerve functions and also helps in improving mental health and concentration. This is also used for stress relief.

Brahmihills 60 capsules

A very popular form of tonic for the brain in Ayurvedic medicine, Brahmi helps in longevity, learning the process and also the functioning of the mental abilities of a person. One capsule is taken twice every day will help to increase the concentration and the grasping power of the person, especially the children. The capsules can be taken if prescribed by the doctors and for better results; it has to be taken with hot or warm water. This is completely free from synthetic additives.

Smrutihills 30 capsules

Each of the 30 capsules has three main components; Brahmi, Shankhpushpi and Mandukparnee. All three are important medicinal herbs according to ayurvedic medicine. Brahmi enhances the memory, grasping power and the learning abilities; Shankhpushpi increases the intellect and enhances the I.Q level and Mandukparnee or the body’s vital needs and the nervous system. Two capsules are taken in the morning on an empty stomach with warm water.

Inlife Pharma Nerve Health Combo pack

The combo pack has Glucosamine, an amino sugar and Vitamin B12. The combo pack solves a dual purpose; one, the glucosamine helps to strengthen the joints and develops the cartilages and two, the Vitamin B12 helps in the anti-inflammatory reactions and also helps in the proper blood flow to the brain. Both these important components of the human body start to decrease in their levels as the age increases. These capsules can be taken as a supplement to revive the brain function and improve its performance and also to keep the working of the joints and the cartilages intact.

Many other formulations for the memory support foods are available on Joy by Nature. Click here to know more!


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