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If you wish to take good care of your body, then bath oils are recommended during the winter season. The cold season apart from the chills and shivers can also make your skin dry and age faster if not given due attention and care.

Winter also gives rise to numerous skin diseases and infections. This makes it mandatory for one to focus attention on the condition of their skin. Therefore, instead of repeated usage of moisturisers and cold creams, a good massage with bath oil before a shower can not only liven your spirits up but it can internally benefit by improving your blood circulation.

So, whenever you have had a bad day, or you ended up feeling exhausted and stressed out, remember to take out the bath oil.Either ask someone to or massage your entire body and take a warm-hot shower. You can even light a few candles inside your bathroom to lighten the mood and spread some fragrance around which will improve your mood instantly. The experience will not only leave you feeling happier but fresh as well. You can also try the same exercise in the morning to kick start your day on a fresh and lovely note.

What are bath oils

They are essentially oils with multiple fragrances and created with a mixture of other oils, to de-stress and rejuvenate. The ingredients of a bath oil are such; that aims to create a soothing effect in the person’s body, with the correct amount and method of application.

How do bath oils function

Bath oils are infused with organic materials that moisturise and nurture your skin. This does not allow hot showers to dry and harm your skin. In the right procedure, the oil is massaged onto the whole body before a hot water bath. The message not only tends to your muscles but also has a deeper influence on your nervous system, thereby completely eradicating stress and anxiety, both internally as well as externally.

How are bath oils better and different than other oils

The mixture is prepared by using a base oil like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and eucalyptus oil. To add the much-needed touch of fragrance, scented products like rose, citrus, lavender and lemon are added. This is, since the oils cannot individually produce as drastic and long-lasting results, like that of a combination of them, which is present in a bath oil.However, unlike some oils, a bath oil massage will not leave any sticky residue behind, and you will come out with clean and smooth skin as soft as a baby’s skin.

  • Multi-purpose- Instead of going for a single oil with limited benefits, bath oil can provide multiple benefits with its combination of minerals and essential oils.
  • Immediate effect- Unlike some oils that take their own sweet time to produce results, these oils do not make you wait forever. It involves a very quick process, where you apply the oil generously and post your shower you will feel like a free bird flying in heaven.
  • Reasonable – The best part remains that the oil packages do not cost a fortune. So you don’t have to visit any beautician or get any cosmetic surgery to get rejuvenated now.


So now to feel like a million bucks, you don’t have to go anywhere separately. You can avail the comfort and luxury of a spa right at the convenience of your home and in your very own washroom. Remember to massage it well and you will feel the difference instantly. Bath oils make sure that you end up feeling as well as looking nothing less than an Arabian princess, leaving behind a strong and delicious fragrance.


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