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Nursing babies requires a lot of patience. New mothers who have just given birth to a child may sometimes have the natural instinct when it comes to nursing a child while some might face some difficulties. Few mothers may take little bit time to get used to the routine. This is the same with the babies. Some take up the nursing easily and for some it takes the time to get adjusted.

Mothers tend to get the feeling that nursing is not an easy option when the babies do not cooperate with the nursing techniques. Being really young and small, they need time settling in just like their mothers. It does not mean that they can never be breastfed when they do not take it up the first time. Few babies have that natural sense for nursing while some do not. The nursing can be set in slowly by getting the baby to feel secured in its mother’s arms.

Nursing products are the ones that are available for the new and the experienced mothers alike to have an easy time nursing the child. All the products are seen to be effective in giving the mother and the child a smooth nursing experience. One major concern of the mothers while choosing the nursing products is that they want to make sure that the products do not have any chemical bases or too fragrant since this might be harmful to the babies. For instance, nursing clothes that have running colours are avoided, since, during nursing, the dyes in the cloth might enter the child’s mouth and turn harmful if these are made of chemicals instead of the natural colours.

Joy by Nature has a whole range of nursing products to help the mothers to have a safe and smooth nursing time. All the products are made out of substances that are not harmful to the babies. Some of the products are completely organic and consists of harmless natural dyes that do not run off after washing or just by touching. These products are really handy to help the mother in nursing the child. Check out the products at Joy by Nature.

Nursing Aprons

The BumChum Nursing Aprons are a sure hit with the mothers. The cloth is made out of pure cotton and free from other chemicals that are used for processing like chlorine, latex, brighteners, phthalates and other additives. These aprons are easily foldable to fit in a small purse and can be carried around everywhere. This 40”X40” cloth gives the baby enough breathing space while nursing and also the mother can have a look at the baby now and then to give the baby some eye contact. Additionally, there is a side indicator in the apron that gives the mother an indication of the side where the nursing took place.

Nipples cream


Due to continuous nursing, the nipples may slowly start to get cracked and lead to its bleeding. This is definitely painful to the mother.  This does not mean that the mother has to give up on breastfeeding the baby. Nipple creams, made of purely organic substances that are not harmful to the babies, are available at Joy by Nature. This is rubbed over the nipples either before the nursing or after it. Either way, since it has only natural ingredients, it is not harmful to the baby.

Nursing Pads


One of the major concerns right after having the baby is that, when the nursing is going in one side, the mother starts to get the milk from the other side of the breast too. This is quite common in the beginning and settles down as the days go by. At times, the mother might wake up to a soaking wet shirt and sheets. Easily disposable and washable nursing pads are available that completely organic, that can be fit inside the bra to absorb the milk.

Nursing Bra


When the mother starts wearing the nursing pads, she is definitely going to need the nursing bras to keep them in place. These needs to be changed regularly throughout the day, say for at least 4-5 times. Make sure to wash these with gentle detergent since they will need repeated washing and strong detergents can cause some skin irritations.

Nursing Camisoles


All the regular clothes will need to take a back seat when the baby arrives. But this does not mean that the mother will need to lose her fashion. Nursing camisoles are easier for nursing and seems like a favourite option among the mothers. All the other clothes like the turtleneck sweaters or the dresses that have zip on the back are really not handy. An overcoat can be thrown over the camisoles if the weather seems to be a little cold.

Nursing Pillows


As the baby starts to nurse, it will need a place to rest its head while breastfeeding. The mother will generally support the head in her arms or places the head on her lap. For more comfortable nursing, nursing pillows are available that gives the proper elevation for the baby by allowing it to rest its head on the pillow while nursing.

Many more such nursing products are available on Joy by Nature. Click here to check out the pricing on each product.


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