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Organic foods are produced in the traditional way and do not use any pesticides or any form of chemical fertilizers for the production. This form of foods has been proved to be more nutritious than the conventional foods that are being produced with the help of regular doses of antibiotics or other forms of steroids, chemical fertilizers or by irradiation methods.

In a way to switch over to healthy food habits, organic farming has been taken up in many countries. Compared to the food products that have been produced by the use of the chemical additives or by genetic modification, foods obtained by organic farming seem to have comparatively high nutritional value. Some of the foods that have been produced by organicfarming methods include the daily pulses, lentils, millets, vegetables and fruits. People can consume these foods either directly or by incorporating them as a part of another food. Be it the regular meal or the snack time cookies, it can be mixed in everything. These healthy snacks that are produced by incorporating these foods provide the right balance of nutrition that is required for the functioning of the body.

When it comes to the health of the children, it must be made sure that they are given foods that are nutritious and also which helps in their metabolism. As a natural instinct, children generally prefer cookies because of their taste and also because of the presence of sugar. Children cannot refrain from having cookies, but this can be replaced with the organic cookies that provide the same taste but has more nutritional value. These organic cookies can help to improve the health of the child in many ways like,

  • Helps to manage ADHD

Children diagnosed with ADHD can benefit a lot from these since the pesticides, and the additives that are present in the regular cookies can affect the mental health. Instead of taking drugs like Ritalin for the management of the disorder, children can be given the organic cookies that have less sugar content and thus help to harness the mind.

  • Stimulates mental health

These organic cookies are produced by the products that are obtained via organic farming and are free from the harmful organophosphates that are present in the pesticides. The increase in these chemicals can lead to memory loss at a young age.

  • Alternative to junk foods

Cookies need not be considered as a part of junk food and those that are processed in a short time. Being made using the organic produce, these cookies can give the required nutrition to the children and gives them the same taste.

Joy by Nature has a good range of these organic cookies that are freshly produced especially for children.

Ginger snap

Rich in ginger, the Ginger Snap Organic cookies are rich in ginger that is considered to be one of the most medicinal and the healthiest form of roots. Ginger helps a great deal in thedigestion of the food. These cookies are completely free from all kinds of pesticides and chemical food additives. With the important ingredient being ginger, this provides nutrition as well helps to solve any issues with the stomach.

Buckwheat cookies

Just because the name has wheat in it, it does not indicate that buckwheat is in anyway related to wheat. These Buckwheat cookies are baked along with raisins, honey and cinnamon. Only organic rice bran oil is used and this considered as a form of “good cholesterol”. These cookies are completely gluten free and a suitable snack for the children with ADHD. On the longer run, these cookies help to maintain the sugar and the blood level in balance and keep the gut lining healthy.

Brown rice cookies

A rich source of fibre, these 150gm of Brown rice cookies are prepared from complete organic produces like almonds, sesame seeds, coconut powder, soya flour, brown sugar, raisins, olive oil and honey is added for fragrance. These are gluten free and have high nutritional content compared to the white rice. They are low on fat content and provide the required calorie intake.

Oats and Walnut Cookies

The Oats and Walnut Cookies is a perfect blend of calcium, Vitamin B, fibre and proteins. These are hand baked cookies prepared from handpicked walnuts, wheat flour, butter and oats. Walnut is considered to be good for the development of the brain and the mental health in children. Calcium in the cookies help to build stronger bones, and the Vitamin B keeps check of the proper circulation in the body.

Many such organic cookies are available on Joy by Nature. All the products are certified organic produce and the buyers can have a look at other nutritional products that are available by clicking here.


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