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Referred to as the large intestine or colon, bowels are the organs that help in digesting the food items. Bowels are the last stage of the digestive system that help eliminate the solid waste from the body. It is the part where the waste product is stored before elimination that is known as the bowel movement. The bowel movement takes when the rectum is filled with stool and there is a need for eliminating the stool from the anus.

Bowels are a very delicate organ in the body, and intensive care has to be taken to keep them healthy. If your bowels are not healthy enough, then the movement of the stool around your body is sluggish resulting in indigestion. Unwanted bacteria are also generated in the process that leads to damage of the other organs, contamination and illness (constipation). Constipation leads to a headache, depression, obesity and may sometimes lead to colon cancer that may be severe. Thus, it is important to take care of your digestive system that ultimately helps protect your bowel movement.

The 5 Essential Ways to Take Care of your Bowel System are

  • Change your eating habits to fiber-It is a known fact that food having Fibre content is very essential for your colon movement. Fiber helps in adding mass to your waste that in turn helps in the movement of your bowel muscles. Fiber that is also known as prebiotic acts like a catalyst by which friendly bacteria are released in the colon. These bacteria turn the fiber into a base of energy and Butyric acid that is helpful to both your bacteria and colon cells. These bacteria take care of your cells and keep unhealthy and harmful bacteria away. It also prevents toxins to build up in your system.


  • Drink water-Water is one of the essential elements for your body. Water is considered good for your body, your skin and everything else. Water is considered to be more important than fiber with regard to the health of your colon. People who drink more water do not have to suffer from constipation and other related problems. You can also try special tea for more help.


  • Exercise a lot- Exercising everyday can help a lot in different ways. Exercise is also an alternative for places where fiber and hydration is of no use. Walking for 30 minutes per day and a set of 11 minutes of exercise a day can be beneficial in many ways. Exercise also helps in relieving the body from stress.


  • The squat can be helpful-Use of Indian toilets are preferred to western ones. When you sit while excreting, then the muscles of the bowel are straightened out which makes the process easier. When you sit, it also makes it easier to stretch your muscle, and your stool easily comes out. People having western toilets need not worry about digging a hole to make your stool movement easier. All they need to do is to put a footstool on your existing toilet seats. Then all you need to do is let the pressure and gravity do the needful.


  • The increase in the intake of Bael-When the above-mentioned points do not help in any way then taking Bael tablets would be the savior. Bael tablets, when taken regularly, increases the frequency of the bowel movement and it also increases of stool produced which in turn prevents constipation. It also helps your colon recover from the stress.

The above-mentioned points are simple yet the most effective ways in which helps in the proper functioning of your bowel and the digestive system as a whole. Your bowels remain healthy throughout which in turn prevents you from constipation and thus gives you a stressful and happy feeling throughout the day.

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