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Didn’t mommy ask you to eat your vegetables right so that you have strong bones? She knew that later in life lack of calcium and vitamins can give you a bad case of arthritis that would not only making moving around difficult and more of a chore but actually prove to the bane of your existence. Apart from regular medical treatments, there are some ways in which you can handle the pain caused by arthritis through natural remedies very efficiently.Let’s chalk out the most popular few.


Epsom Salt

Epsom salts are some chemical salts that contain high amounts of magnesium sulphate that has historically been popular in treating pains, minor joints and bruises. Occurring abundantly in nature, the magnesium sulphate in the salts are an excellent pain remover and eases arthritis pains when the pained joint is soaked in a solution of salts when used as a relief. Just mix some quantities in a bowl and dip you joints or if it is a tricky place, run a bath with a generous amount of perfumed Epsom bath salts in it, maybe in your favourite fragrances like lavender? Pleasurable and satisfying. 


Hot and Cold Water Bags

A very regular home solution, a hot or cold compress can relieve arthritis pains very comfortably. Cold numbs the pain and relaxes the sore muscles, whereas the heat actually increases recovery by promoting the blood circulation. Heat compresses and also eases the pain pretty quickly and promotes flexibility of the joints. So, make a hot or a cold compress and when suited.


Turmeric and Ginger

Both Ginger and Turmeric being excellent anti-inflammatory, they wonder wonders on controlling arthritis pains. There can be taken as spicy teas which would not only be a refreshing beverage to be consumed at least twice daily but also be a medication for patients suffering from pain. Turmeric on its own is very rich in anti-oxidants and helps in reducing the production of two enzymes that contribute to the inflammation of the joints. On its own, turmeric can be used as a balm-mask when fresh raw turmeric is ground into a paste and applied to the affected area.


Proper Diet with Fruit juices

Proper diet is necessary for proper life. In research, it has been found that consumption of some fruit juices like pineapple, carrot, cucumber, beetroots and blackberries can help in building a necessary resistance to the pain caused by arthritis.  Rich in anti-oxidants, they not only flush out the unnecessary bad toxins from our bodies but also build immunity and strengthen weak bone through a steady supply of good vitamins for healthy bones.



The short cut to having a more manageable life affected by arthritis is by taking supplements that supply your body with the goodness of all the vitamins and calcium that the body is lacking in. And thus, their supply would not only give healthy bones but also help to manage the pain in mature people who require those nutrients is what is causing arthritis.



The most important step to take towards an active and fulfilled life is to begin exercising. It is not something for the ill-resolved people, but rather the sure shot way to an active and healthy lifestyle. Exercise, along with the previously mentioned solutions, can help fight joint pains and provide relief. 

Arthritis is one of the most common issues faced by masses of ailing people. In that situation just like the medical sector is developing more medicines for eliminating this, there is no denying that one of the most common health issue could easily be resolved through much more effective and side effect less treatment through Ayurveda, some of the best products of which you will find on our excellent site name ‘Joy By Nature’. Joy By Nature brings to you all your natural solutions through quality products and affordable prices. So go ahead and banish your case of arthritis with us today!


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