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Osteoporosis is a bone disease. The disease causes the bones to lose its density, weakening it as it progresses. It is rarely detected at early stages. The patient usually gets to know it when a relatively small accident or strain on the affected bone (usually thehip, spine or wrist ) causes it to fracture.

This disease usually occurs in old age and predominantly in women. To understand the reason for theweakening of bones, one needs to know a few features of the human bone. The human bone appears to be a solid like an inanimate solid eg a stone. This is not true. The human bones are actually living cells that create a hard shell around itself which consists largely of the element, calcium. Like all other cells of a human body, these cells too have a limited life and eventually, die. Dead bone cells are replaced by newer ones. The process involves the breaking down of the calcium shell and rebuilding of the shell when a new cell grows.

Osteoporosis is the result of the process where the bone cell regeneration is slower than the rate of bone cells breaking down. There are many reasons for this abnormality. One of the main reasons is the lack of calcium in the patient’s diet. Estrogen is a hormone that controls the bone cell regeneration process, and that is why post-menopausal women are prone to osteoporosis. Other reasons are ascribed to sedentary lifestyle or consumption of certain medicine that impact the bone cell regeneration process.

The treatment of osteoporosis is usually aimed at rejuvenation of the bone cell regeneration process and ensuring the availability of calcium in the body. While allopathic medical sciences have discovered many chemicals that treat osteoporosis, they are not always effective and not without side-effects. Natural remedies target the same areas to cure osteoporosis but prove to be safer at the same time comprehensive remedies for many ailments. We will check out some great deals from Joy by Nature that cater to patients who suffer from osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

Osteoseal a formulation to boost bioavailable calcium in the body

One of the methods of treatment of osteoporosis is to ensure that the patient’s body is boosted with calcium. Calcium supplements are given orally along with Vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of Calcium into the blood stream. Osteoseal serves the same purpose, but the source of calcium comes from many naturally occurring biological sources that have been tested to be effective over many years to supplement the human diet with calcium. The ingredients in this formulation, like Harjor, Sahijan, and Shatavari, provide bioavailable calcium that provides the most efficient way to supply calcium to the bones. Two capsules of Osteoseal twice daily is recommended for treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

CalDveg a completely vegan source for Calcium and Vitamin D

CalDveg is a calcium supplement for patients which is sourced from algae. Each capsule of CalDveg is packed with 500mg of Algal Calcium, 33mg of Algal Magnesium, 1000 I.U. plant-based Vitamin D3 and 50mcg Vitamin K2-7. Algal Calcium is known to have a high rate of absorption in the body when taken orally. This product is ideal for Jain patients as it does not contain coral calcium that is popularly used in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine as a source for highly absorptive calcium. This formulation is ideal for increasing bone density at the same time avoids calcification of arteries and veins. CalDveg is recommended as a dietary supplement for all kinds of calcium deficiency. Adults are recommended a dosage of 2 capsules a day, 1 after lunch the other after dinner.

Fish Oil + Calcium + Vitamin D3 a multi-pronged treatment for osteoarthritis

While Calcium and Vitamin D are one of the essential ingredients to treat osteoporosis, it is quite common for such patients to need protein for muscle cell synthesis and fish oil has been known for many years to provide the required fatty acids and amino acids to fill in the gap. The INLIFE PHARMA FISH OIL + CALCIUM + VITAMIN D3 60 CAPSULES is one such formulation that is ideal for patients who need to build up their muscle strength along with osteoarthritis because arthritis and poor muscle strengths go together. Another benefit of fish oil is that it helps the body regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. This capsule needs to be taken 3 capsules a day.

Bone Health Combo Pack an ideal treatment for osteoarthritis

This is a combo pack. The first pack is a Calcium + Vitamin D3 capsule, and the other is the Flaxseed oil capsule. The benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D3 are well known. Calcium by itself does not get absorbed into the body; Vitamin D3 helps in retaining the calcium that otherwise gets lost through excretion. Flaxseed oil is the vegan replacement for fish oil. The purpose of Flaxseed oil us to provide all the amino acids that are beneficial to the skin and joints and other body tissue 

There are a host of other products available at Joy by Nature for the treatment of pain, bone, and joints related ailments that debilitate you. Click here to know more about osteoporosis treatment options too!


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