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Be it bachelor parties, a get-together or may be a pajama party, all are incomplete without drinks. But in the excitement of being with friends, you often overdo with you alcohol intake, thus getting up with a bad hangover the next day. Well, we a have a solution for that as well. Here are few foods, which will surely get rid of your hangover woes and thus make you feel more energetic and refreshed. Take a look!

Well, this does not mean that you can go easy with your alcohol intake. Excess of anything is bad so keeping its intake under check is necessary. Excess alcohol can damage your liver; give rise to blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It can also make you an addict for sure. So, it is better to stay cautious.

  1. Eggs

Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine, which is known to possess the ability to flush out toxins from the body. Therefore, egg is a super ingredient to get rid of a bad hangover. Moreover, as per a study done by the Annals of Internal Medicine, eggs contain vitamin B, which also acts on hangover symptoms.

  1. Coconut Water

Experts suggest that alcohol requires a lot of water. It just sucks in all the water content with take with it. That is why you feel dehydrated after a few drinks and even the next morning. So, it is suggested to drink enough water to cure a bad hangover. You can consume sports drinks too but they contain artificial sweeteners, thus reducing the quantity of electrolytes in them. Instead you should opt for coconut water, which is natural and low on sugar content. They contain a good amount of electrolytes, which ease your hangover woes.

  1. Ginger

Post alcohol hanger may at times give you a feeling of nausea the next day. Consuming ginger can help you get rid of this feeling.  Ginger helps in promoting a proper functioning of the digestive system, which gets stalled after consuming alcohol. A stalled digestive system further leads to problems like constipation, acidity, bloating and vomiting. Taking ginger tea is the best remedy to do so.

Ginger is a great ingredient for weight loss and metabolism related disorders. To know about various other benefits of ginger, click here.

  1. Tomato Juice

When you consume alcohol, the liver starts metabolizing it to regulate the levels of blood sugar in your body. It is so because the glucose in the body keeps the brain active and saves it from fatigue, mood swings and weakness. If you consume tomato juice after a hangover, it not only burns those extra calories of alcohol but provides enough simple sugars to make you feel energetic and refreshed. Besides, tomato juice also contains an inflammation-fighting compound called lycopene, which replenishes your body.

Tomato juice is a bleaching agent and therefore, helps in lightening the skin complexion. It has several other beauty benefits as well. To know more about them, click here

  1. Bananas

If you take alcohol in excess quantity, it sucks out water from your body cells, thus making you feel dehydrated. And, this further makes you urinate again and again flushing out all the potassium content in the body. Potassium helps in keeping you energetic and away from fatigue. So, eat a banana to get rid of hangover woes and thus, raise your potassium level in the body.

To know about other health benefits of banana, click here.

  1. Asparagus

As per a Korean study, asparagus helps in boosting the levels of enzymes in the body that are responsible for breaking down alcohol. However, experts suggest that eating it before a drinking session can help you prevent a hangover. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

  1. Coffee

A cup of hot, black coffee can help you get rid of your hangover headache. Coffee helps you get rid of your dehydration woes.


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