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Body odor can certainly be annoying, especially in the long summer months; both for you and those around you. Absolutely no one likes a smelly Shelly.

Problems with body odour date as long as mankind. Where there is bacterial growth, there is body odor. Wondering how the likes of Cleopatra et all managed to smell of peaches and roses without any perfumes and deodorants?

While elaborate baths with roses, honey and milk are not exactly practical; few simple home remedies can ensure that you end up smelling nice and fresh all day without burning a hole in your pocket on fragrances and antiperspirants.

Here’s a list of simple steps you can follow to eliminate stinky unpleasantness:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Perspiration encourages warm and moist conditions which encourage bacterial growth. Apple Cider Vinegar contains natural antibacterial properties which can stem the growth of bacteria and stop the unpleasant smell.

You can dip some cotton in apple cider vinegar and dab your underarms with it after a shower. Alternatively, you can make a spray with 40 percent vinegar and 60 percent water and store it in a bottle with spray. Use it like a deodorant for lasting relief. In extreme cases, rub lemon wedges on underarms and follow up with apple cider vinegar spray. Just make sure you don’t use this spray after shaving or you may end up with irritation and redness.

  1. Sage

Yes, this humble herb from your kitchen garden is extremely effective in eliminating body odor. It works on reducing body odor in three ways. Firstly, it contains antibacterial properties which prevent bacteria from flourishing on your skin. Secondly, it reduces the number of sweat glands and effectively reduces perspiration. Thirdly, it gives out a faint fragrance and masks any bad smells.

You can either use a Sage Soap, apply sage oil on sweat prone parts of the body or simply sip on some warm sage tea in small quantities. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must not drink sage tea as it can cause hot flushes and dizziness.

Quick tip: To make sage oil, mix few drops of sage essential oil in olive oil and apply this to pulse points.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent which is very effective in controlling perspiration. It also gives out a sweet fragrance which eliminates the need for deodorants etc.

To use tea tree oil, mix few drops of its essential oil in water and use it on underarms. You can also store it in a spray bottle and use this instead of regular antiperspirant.

  1. Baking Soda

No, you didn’t read incorrectly. Baking soda from your kitchen cabinet can be used to control body odor. It is especially effective for those people who sweat more than others. Baking soda kills bacteria, absorbs sweat and masks the foul smell.

How to use: mix baking soda with lemon juice and make a paste. Apply it on underarms like a mask and let it dry. Wash off with plain water.

For people who sweat in extreme amounts, dabbing a mixture of baking soda and cornflour on underarms can do wonders.

  1. Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass juice contains a high percentage of chlorophyll which is a natural detoxifying agent. It can suppress the body odor and wash out toxins from the skin, mouth and body.

Mix two tablespoons of wheat grass juice in a glass of water and drink it early morning. This concoction can cause vomiting sensation so make sure you drink it on an empty stomach.

To know more about benefits of wheat grass, Click Here.

Other than applying external sprays, eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, frequent showers, avoiding caffeine and fried food and removing armpit hair can control body odor.


Excessive stress and anger lead to production of excessive sweat and contribute to body odor. Anger management and yoga are helpful in managing stress and prevent ailments connected to it.


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