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It is common knowledge that minerals and vitamins can be found in daily foods that comprise a balanced meal. However, not all foods contain the essentials your body needs and not everyone has the know-how, time, or access to such foods. Is there a healthy side effect-free simple alternative to consuming the daily needed amounts of vitamins and minerals?


  1. Inlife Pharma Multivitamin & Minerals

To gain marked control over your life via healthy bodily functions, you need to eat all the right vitamins and minerals not once a week or twice a month but every day. This little bottle packs all the power you need.

  • In addition to a sundry mix of nutrients, you have 12 vitamins answering your body’s health demands.
  • In addition to containing Vitamin B3 (known to battle heart disease and bad cholesterol, namely LDL), it also has Biotin (better nails, skin, and hair, important for digestion, metabolism, nervous and cardiovascular functions).
  • The above two alone are responsible for better calcium absorption and bone density let alone physical immunity.
  • The mineral content, on the other hand, works to ensure ideal blood and fluid balance. One such mineral is beta-carotene, which is excellent for eyes.
  • This set of vitamins and minerals also work to prevent hair loss, stress, and fatigue, while promoting all-round nutrition.


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2.  Unived D-Veg

This is the perfect mineral-vitamin combo for hardcore vegetarians. If you find it difficult to trust other brands, despite users claiming they are good for vegans as well, it is alright to look elsewhere; look at this product.

  • Rich in just one particular vitamin, Vitamin B3 or Cholecalciferol (whose attributes we mentioned when detailing the previous product), this supplement goes one up and provides much better vitamin power than Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol).
  • Its list of benefits includes prevention of autoimmune disorders, healthy bone maintenance, muscle strengthening, brain health promotion, and providing all-round heart health.
  • For a vitamin that finds its roots in a type of lichen, these benefits are extraordinary proof that plants hold the key to supreme health.


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  1. Inlife Pharma Iron + Folic Acid

We once again tap into the big-brand reputation of Inlife who has stamped their mark in the world of organic health supplements. They boast a series of different multivitamin and mineral combos, and here is one more thoughtful combination for those seeking only iron and folic acid for their daily needs.

  • This supplement product is first and foremost made for women, especially those who are pregnant.
  • With a strict requirement limit of 27 mg of iron per day, an expectant mother really can do with this Inlife bottle.
  • In addition to aiding in the body’s RNA and DNA syntheses, iron and folic acid are also brilliant for tissue and cell growth during pregnancy (it even works well for adolescence, but that deviates from our main theme).
  • It boosts red blood cell production like few other vitamin-mineral combos out there.
  • Note of warning, though. If you are diabetic, have particular medical conditions, and/or are lactating know that dietary supplements can alter even the smallest hormone levels, which in turn can lead to avoidable problems. Coinsulting a doctor or physician will be a step in the right direction.

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