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Flaxseeds are very beneficial seeds which does marvels to your body when consumed over a good portion of time. These seeds offer a variety of different nutrients to the body and helps in lowering cholesterol levels as well as stabilising blood sugar levels. The high benefits of the flaxseeds help people who are into gym and also people who just wish to live a healthy life. It also helps promote weight loss so is a great option for obese people. Flaxseeds are high in various nutrients including B vitamins, magnesium and manganese. It is also very high in fibre which is a great source of nutrient for the body. Phytochemicals and many powerful antioxidants can be found in these seeds such as lignans. Since these seeds are parts of a plant it is the best source for lignans around. It provides with a generous supply of omega 3 fatty acids as well which fights against inflammation. Flaxseeds contain the plant form of the Omega 3 fatty acids which is called alpha-linolenic acid. Flax seeds are very high in ALA. They are actually five times more than walnut or canola oil.

There are various flaxseeds benefits which include:

Lowering blood cholesterol and sugar levels

Organic Flaxseeds contain a soluble fibre which is perfect for lowering cholesterol. This in return helps in preventing any kind of plaque from building up in your body. These can cause your arteries to clog up and also prevents blood sugar levels from lowering. Fax seeds are also a major source to cure people with level 2 diabetes.

Reduces bone loss

People who suffer from several calcium deficiency diseases can make sure that calcium deficiency doesn’t happen with a proper intake of Fax seeds. Fax seeds due to its high amount of fatty acids are just perfect for prevention of bone loss. Although it doesn’t cure bone loss totally faxseeds and flaxseed oil can help in reducing the process giving you healthier bones.  

Helps in diet

People face a huge problem with over eating. The people who are looking to achieve weight loss it can be a huge problem since most of the times they go without eating. This can now be prevented with a good supply of flax seeds in the dietary plans. Flax seeds tend to expand when ingested making you seem much fuller without eating any kind of extreme fat based food which would add to your weight. You can control your appetite easily if you take flax seeds around twenty or thirty minutes before the meals.

Healthy digestive health

Flax seeds have fibre which helps in the digestion methods. When you take meals most of the problems can be caused if your digestive system cannot process the food and indigestion takes place. That can be prevented with the help of flax seeds. The fibre present n the flaxseeds help to relieve constipation and increases your digestive capabilities. This ensures that you are able to keep a regular bowel movement without any worries.

Way to healthy living!!

Anti-cancer abilities

Flaxseeds have a strong role in fighting against cancer. These seeds are particularly effective in preventing colon or breast cancer.  The high concentration of lignans present in these seeds is known to fight against tumour growth. This nutrient value of flaxseeds and many other make it a very nice addition to meals of people who wish to keep a healthy dietary plan intact.

How to eat flaxseeds

Consumption of flaxseeds are not a very tough task either as it can be prepared and consumed in a number of easy ways. You can sprinkle it on your cereal and oatmeal at breakfast; this will require you to ground the flax seeds first. These seeds can be added to a number of food items like meatballs and casseroles. This will help in getting the daily dosage of flax seeds which your family requires without any extra preparations. Sprinkling the seeds onto your salads and yogurt works as well.  Flaxseeds is a great addition to your meal if you are looking to achieve weight loss or just wish to lead a healthy life in general.


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