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Are you suffering from digestion problems? I know it’s a big suffering when your system is off. At times people do not take it seriously but remember if digestion problems are unattended they may lead to chronic health problems like asthma, heart burn, constipation and IBS.

There are natural ways which can help you in fighting with your digestion issues. Let’s start!

  1. Chew!

We all know the first stage of digestion is your mouth. It is very important to chew your food well as you relieve your digestive system from bigger work load and it can focus on other important functions.

  1. Go for real foods

Avoid junk and fake foods. Go for fresh foods and whole grains. The processed foods and fast foods are a big no. Avoid refined sugar, oils and salt, your body will have to exert to digest them plus they do not add any nutritive value.

  1. Go for fermented and cultured food

Good bacteria are very essential for your gut; fermented foods are rich in these bacteria. Try including yoghurt, kimchi, kefir and fermented vegetables you will slowly increase your gut flora. Your digestion ill improve tremendously.

  1. Take care of your liver

If you support your liver efficiently you can easily heal your digestion. Increase the intake of liver loving foods like leafy greens, beetroot, carrots and fresh juices. Herbs are also great supplements.


  1. Hydrate your body

Dehydration is one big factor that leads to digestion problems. If you are suffering from digestive disorders try increasing your water intake. Add one table spoon of apple cider vinegar to your glass of water and drink one glass daily.

You can also hydrate yourself with herbal teas. Natural supplements like fennel, fenugreek and ginger work as supportive constituents for your digestive system.


  1. Stress management

Stress not only hampers your mind but also your digestion. You cannot reduce your work load but yes you can reduce your stress. Enjoy activities like meditation, yoga, walking and swimming. Take small naps in between your stressful day this will sure reduce your stress levels.


  1. Detox


It is very important to detox your body. Detoxification is good for your digestive system. Drink Aloe vera juice it is good for your digestion.


  1. Include Glutamine in your diet


You must include Glutamine as one of the essential nutrients for your body. Glutamine regenerates the lining of the intestine and also soothes any kind of inflammation. Fish, eggs, dairy products, beans and spinach are rich in glutamine. You can also take glutamine supplements from your health care provider.


  1. Go for Probiotics


Probiotics provide good bacteria for your gut. You can easily avail them from any store. Probiotics are easily available in the market in various forms, as supplements, probiotic milk and yoghurt.




  1. What does your body demands

Dieting is the worst thing which you do to your body. It’s a dogma today. Get to know about your body type. Eat what is good for your body and can drive your body in the best way.


  1. Fill up with fibre


For constipation the best way is to load up your system with high fibre foods. Go for fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. High fibre acts as grease for your digestive tract. High fibrous foods are low in fat content thus makes you fuller. You kill your hunger pangs and at the same time monitor your weight.


  1. Stay active


Stay active for the right body. Here we are not just talking about your physical appearance but also about the internal body. Aerobic exercises like dancing, walking, running keeps you fit. You can prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure. You improve your blood circulation which is vital for the normal functioning of your body system. Hand in hand you improve your gut muscles. If you are active your body and mind will stay active.


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