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Sleep is a very important daily ritual. Our body rests while we sleep and repairs the broken and torn down tissues. Researches have shown that people who sleep peacefully retain information better and develop good memory. Our body needs sleep to repair, and grow muscles and synthesize hormones. A good nights sleep is also very helpful to lose weight and maintain good health. It also regulates your emotions and sets a better mood, clears up your thinking and even enhances your sex life. This is the reason why it is recommended that a person should sleep 7-8 hours every night. There are people who suffer from sleep disorder like insomnia or irregular sleeping intervals. But what if I tell you that drinking tea can help you to regulate your sleep? Have I grabbed your attention now? Yes, there are teas available in the market that would help you destress you and help you get a good nights sleep. 

1. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile is a common name for several daisy like plants that belong to Asteraceae plant family. They are commonly used for numerous medicinal purposes. Chamomile tea relieves anxiety and cures sleep disorders. It relieves your body from excessive fatigue and stress, it also soothes your nervous system, thus calming down your body to rest. It carries sedating properties which help you get trouble free sleep. Place a tea bag in boiling water and let it brew for 3-4 minutes. Add honey or sugar as per your taste to this herb infused water.

2. Jasmine Tea: If you thought jasmine is only useful to make a fragrant, the very aromatic oil, you were wrong. It is also used to make jasmine tea. It is a tea with green, black or white tea as a base tea which is scented with jasmine aroma, making it mildly fragrant, and different tasting, thus you have an aromatic tea before you. Many people think that this tea originated in China, which is wrong. Though it is widely used in China it was originated in Persia. Jasmine essential oil is said to have pacifying effect on the body in aromatherapy. The mild scent of jasmine flower acts as a sedative and calms down the nervous system. Jasmine tea also regulates blood circulation, prevents and cures cough and cold and relieves from stress. Still need more reasons to drink a cup a jasmine tea before sleeping at night?

3. Green mint tea: This tea is naturally caffeine free. Mint oil acts as a decongestant which clears the respiratory tract thus relieving your from cold. It also relieves tension and headache. Green mint is rich in menthol, which cools down your body and relaxes it. These stress relieving and cooling properties help people to get a good night
s sleep. Just dip a tea bag in hot water, 3 times for mild and 5 times for strong tea and consume it without adding milk or cream, before sleeping.

4. Himalayan Amrit Kangra Tea: This tea is power packed with 20 herbs and spices and has abundant benefits. It is fortified with items that would help you to stay fit both physically and mentally. This tea can be considered as an Ayurvedic medicine that would enhance your health and fitness and prevent you from numerous diseases. It is made with natural products like rose petals, bark of arjun tree, ashwagandha, badi elaichi, cinnamon, lemon grass, mint, fennel, holy basil etc, which help you deal with a lot of day to day problems like weight loss, constipation and cholesterol. It also alleviates fatigue, stress and anxiety, and enhances normal sleep hence helping people suffering with insomnia.

5. Susvapna Dream Tisane: This tea is a powerhouse of ancient Indian herbs and spices like yashtimadhu, javitri, brahmi leaves, peppermint, shankhapushpi etc. This 100% caffeine free mixture of natural products calms and relaxes the mind, it reduces the sleep disturbance and restlessness. It works as a great sedative and revitalises the body and mind by curing insomnia.

Next time, in case you are feeling restless or unable to sleep, instead of staring at your celling fan, zapping the TV channels or counting the stars, enter your kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea and drink it to your sleep.


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