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In todays fast life, it is hard to stay energetic all day long. I live in a big city and reaching work on time is a task in itself. Finding a place for oneself in a public transport sometimes feels more difficult than fighting a war, well its a war in itself. By the time I reach work, I am already very tired which I cant afford. I need to gain my energy back because the day has just started, I have meetings scheduled, client persuasions and excel sheets to look after. I know I am not the only one who goes through all these things every day, all of us live the same story. The moment I reach work, I think of the best and the fastest way to gain my energy and thus I reach out for a cup of coffee or tea and guilt follows. I feel guilty of drinking excessive caffeine and tannin and which affects my health, not to mention the guilt of having sugar! How am I going to lose weight if I continue with the spoonful of sugar added to each cup? And that changes my mood. From the happy person I wake up every morning, to a cranky and complaining person in a mere matter of two hours. But then one day I decided to change, and now know how you can elevate your mood and stay energetic all day long. If you are interested in learning my secrets, read on. 

1. Drink a lot of fluids: Yes, thats the key for a healthy and energetic life style. You body needs a lot of water and thats what it loses the most. When you perspire, you lose very essential water and salts from your body. Thus keeping the body hydrated is the most important thing to do. You drink a lot of water to do that. But of course, it gets boring after a while and thats when you reach out for a soda or 100% natural fruit juicePut that can down right now! It has nothing good store for you. The best alternative that I suggest to change the taste but keep the body hydrated and feel energetic is herbal tea. Today, the market is flooded with numerous herbal teas and each has its own advantage. Take for instance, hibiscus tea. Hibiscus strengthens our immune system and gives us energy. It is also very useful to cure heart related problems like cholesterol and blood pressure. Another great example is the tulsi ginger tea. Tulsi and ginger both are antioxidant rich, are warm in nature. Thus they simulate your body and provide you with optimal energy. 

    2. Fragrance: Fragrance perhaps is the most important thing to set the mood. A beautiful fragrance sets your mood. It makes you forget all your worries and problems. It takes you to a different world and thats why air fresheners are important. Imagine you are travelling your way back home after a long tired day and the person sitting next to you starts peeling an orange. The mere fragrance of the orange makes you feel live and energetic. This is because the essential oils present in citrus fruits are antiviral and antibacterial. They help to calm anxious or angry mood. They are great to relive you from fatigue. This is the reason why this citrus air freshener is an absolute must have. 

      3. Rest: Rest is the most important thing that you give your body to recover from fatigue, and feel energetic. A good nights sleep would help with physical rest, but what about mental and emotional rest? We go through a lot of mental stress in our every day lives and that is why we should rest our mind as well. The best way to destress your mind is to use essential oils. Light up a couple aromatic candles and give yourself a nice long head massage with an almond oil or amla oil. Besides, put an essential oil like lavender oil in an oil diffuser while sleeping. Lavender has calming properties and help to control emotional stress. It also helps to relieve nervous tension and head aches.



        Dont forget to take out time from your busy schedule and exercise, as, exercise it the best stress burster and mood setter. Just a quick jog in the morning can help you stay energetic through out the day.


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