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Wrinkly, brown, and a woody taste – That’s how most people would describe walnuts. But did you know that eating just one ounce of walnuts (about 7 pieces) daily can give you a load of good nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats and protein, all of which help to prevent and cure many health issues. These tree nuts are often considered the king of the nut family since they amongst the most nutritious in this group. 

While walnuts were consumed way back in 7000 BC, today, their importance is not recognized as much. It’s time to change this as research around the world shows that these nuts are power-packed with good food value and are immensely helpful in improving the overall wellness levels of your body, as well as fighting and preventing specific ailments. 

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Regular consumption of walnuts can benefit you in the following ways: 

  1. Prevents Diabetes 

Studies show that regular consumption of walnuts greatly reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes in adults. Improved metabolic activity helps keep a check on insulin levels. 

  1. Maintains Heart Health 

Walnuts contain Omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids, both of which work to keep your heart healthy by removing blood clots, acting as anti-inflammatory agents, and reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. 

  1. Aids Weight Loss 

Those hunger pangs that you get when you’re on a diet? Or those sudden sugar cravings or the urge to eat something tasty when you’re trying your best to eat healthy? Walnut is your best friend in those situations – High in fiber and protein, with most of its fats being of the healthy kind, walnuts provide you with necessary nutrients while filling you up and keeping you from reaching out for junk food. 

  1. Fights Insomnia 

The melatonin content in walnuts is a natural sleeping pill with the added benefit of being free from side effects. It regulates your body clock, and improves the duration and quality of your sleep. 

  1. Nourishes Your Skin and Hair 

Walnuts contain Vitamin B and antioxidants, which benefit your hair by reducing hair fall and improving its texture, and nourishes your skin, preventing it from signs of aging. 

  1. Boosts Male Fertility 

Young men should consume walnuts frequents since it helps in the reproductive function by increasing the quality of sperm. Just a handful of walnuts daily can be the natural answer to your fertility problems. 

  1. Mental Health 

Walnuts contain a number of healthy compounds and antioxidants that help boos your brain’s activity. They help keep you safe from mental illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s and keep your cognitive functions working at optimal levels. 

Walnuts also help your body deal with stress – Stress can affect your system in a variety of negative impacts, and consuming these nuts acts as armor to this. 

  1. Reduces the Risk of Cancer 

Daily consumption of walnuts can keep cancer at bay, especially the prostate, pancreatic and breast kinds. Not just is the risk of cancer reduced, but also the tumours that do occur are smaller in size making them easier to eliminate. 

Walnuts are also highly recommended for pregnant women as these nuts can help increase your baby’s immunity levels, and protect it from developing food allergies. 

There are certain things to keep in mind. For example, always choose unprocessed organic walnuts over processed varieties, and make sure you store them in airtight containers or refrigerate them. Also, never make the mistake of peeling off the soft flaky cover of a shelled walnut since this contains upto 90% of its antioxidants. Can’t stand their taste? Put some into your morning smoothie and gulp up the goodness! 

Now that you know the wonderful benefits of walnuts and their significant impacts on wellness and longevity, go grab a handful right away and make sure you get your daily dose!

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