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Soy is an excellent ingredient for skin repair. It reverses sun damage, delays aging of skin, restores skin health, moisturizes skin, and corrects hyper pigmentation and a lot more.

All thanks to the essential isoflavonoids, phytoestrogens, vitamins and essential amino acids present in soy. There are so many ways in which these compounds benefit skin and that is the reason why soy is used in many skin creams and lotions.

Soy has been used since centuries in beauty facials and masks to improve skin texture colour and overall skin health. In today’s era, soy is almost completely exploited in a number of skin creams, gels and other products. Applying soy topically has been shown to even skin tone and reduce blotchiness.

Here are a few benefits of organic soy that you need to know for they will add glow to your skin.

  1. Natural moisturizer

Soy contains essential nutrients that help better the appearance of skin. Soy has a relatively small molecular structure and penetrates the outer layers of skin to moisturize deeper layers also. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other proteins. Fatty acids present in soy moisturize the collagen fibres present in the deeper layers of the skin.

Soy also has healing properties since it contains Vitamin E. For this purpose, it is included in formulations meant for topical application.            

  1. Sun damage reversal

Studies have shown that pre treating human skin with soy bean isoflavones genistein has many benefits in undoing sun damage. It was shown that it inhibited UV-induced epidermal growth factor and other signal pathways that caused aging due to exposure to sun or photo aging. Phytoestrogens or plant estrogens present in soy have been known to rejuvenate skin cells. Soy has properties that reverse abnormalities in cell formation and nutrients that are essential for skin growth and regeneration.

  1. Treats signs of aging

Soy is rich in isoflavones that have unique properties. They bind with oestrogen receptors in the body and naturally make way to provide oestrogen therapy for the skin. There are a number of beneficiary outcomes of their oestrogen binding. Skin elasticity, water holding capacity, pigmentation and vascularity are all improved by isoflavones.

Soy is also rich in Vitamin E content. Vitamin E has a lot of benefits when it comes to skin care. It aids skin repair and skin cell regeneration. For this reason, soy is used extensively in creams and ointments meant for night care and anti-ageing treatments.

Another important ingredient of Soy is lecithin. Lecithin has the ability to regenerate connective tissue in the skin and help maintain skin elasticity. Hence, applying soy milk helps to thin fine lines and strengthen skin connective tissues thus giving a younger look to skin.

Research studies have proven that applying soy milk topically to the skin helps to flatten the gap between dermal and epidermal layers of the skin and causes reproducible change in aging skin.

  1. Improves skin tone

Research studies in which soy milk containing genistein and daidzein were applied on hair less skin showed thickening of skin, increased concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin and increased hydration levels. Hyaluronic acid plays a major role in tissue repair. Applying soy milk to the skin topically was found to increase skin elasticity and even out pigmentation.

  1. Prevents skin cancer

Research has proven that the isoflavones present in soy make it capable of preventing damage caused due to UV-A and UV-B radiations. These are cancer causing when they damage the skin cells. Studies have proven that taking Soy milk, once a day, for five days a week, has many benefits including the ability to prevent skin tumours that are caused due to exposure to UV-B rays.

  1. Removes unnecessary hair

Soy milk contains genistein which inhibits hair growth by fifty to sixty percent. This is useful when it comes to removal of unwanted facial hair. There is a natural reduction in hair growth in the areas treated with soy milk.

Now that you have noted all this, also get to know that soy remedies suit all skin types unless you are allergic to soy which is a rare case. Also, Organic Soy is completely natural and void of any chemicals. Hence, it is completely safe to be eaten and to be used in home based skin care remedies.

Thus, there are many benefits of using soy in skin care regimes.

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