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By balancing your hormones, you can ensure regular menstruation with no ups and downs that frighten you or demand you go to the doctor. It boils down to the food you eat. Women have such responsive bodies that you need to maintain a good diet and exercise routine if you want to be as healthy as you can. Let us start with organic foods that have proven to help level out your menstruation.

Periods vary among women; there is no hard and fast rule as to when periods should occur. That said if you are on a 28-day cycle, you will ovulate from days 12-16 and pre-ovulate from days 8-11; this will change based on the foods you eat, your stress levels, what kind of exercises you are doing including housework, etc.

In most cases it is best you figure out the cause of irregular menstruations. But there is nothing stopping you from simultaneously eating a good natural diet that will most certainly help. In this blog you will find some quick tips to help you through the time of menstruation smoothly by balancing it.

  1. Protein

Men are not the only ones who need protein. What kind of protein is important, though?

  • Nuts, lean meats, and cottage cheese pack all the organic proteins you need. This is especially perfect for vegans. Than again, meat and menstruation do not go well together, making these protein choices indispensable for women during periods.
  • They have been known to balance your hormones in remarkable ways. It is as simple as putting cottage cheese on your everyday salad.
  • Plant proteins are more than capable of improving hormonal balance and fertility. These proteins can be found in: soy chips, canned sardines, peanuts, edamame, almonds, hummus, cheese, walnuts, and hard boiled eggs. 


  1. Dark Chocolate

You read it correct; we are indeed talking about chocolate but not the ‘Cadbury’ version. Get yourself some industrial dark chocolate, the ones they sell in thick rectangular blocks meant for high-end kitchens and hotels not to mention bulk-baking requirements. These contain the best kind of health boost.

  • Flavonoids display estrogens-like behaviour, and work to reduce platelet clumping in your blood.
  • In addition to that, they also improve micro-circulation in your endocrine glands and ovaries.
  • We cannot be remiss about dopamine and how this ‘feel good hormone’ increases under flavanoid encouragement.
  • Dark chocolate is rich in flavanoids; in fact it contains 70% cocoa solids.



  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

They are not as complicated as they sound. Find the supplement that contains them, add it to your diet, and watch as your menstruation balances out and becomes regular.

  • Because ovaries have extremely small blood vessels, they are subject to bad circulation and damage. Proper blood flow and hormonal levels are hindered if you are woman given to smoking, have high cholesterol, or are obese.
  • Essentially fish oils, omega-3 fatty acids increase dopamine levels, reduce free radical damage, improve blood circulation, and fight the effects of aging.
  • As mentioned earlier, this is a supplement not a food per se. You cannot find it in great quantities in natural foods. They are taken from natural sources and infused into supplements so you get a good recommended dose of omega-3 fatty acids; you cannot go eating a ton of fish, especially when fish like tuna, mackerel, and swordfish, etc., contain a lot of natural mercury content.


  1. Non-White Foods

Take them! Non-white foods are proof that they have not undergone processing. Most foods that are white have basically been processed to the point of unhealthiness.

  • To avoid: white pasta, white flour, white rice, white sugar, white bread, and white potatoes.
  • By producing surges in insulin that only get converted to fat, white foods use the fat they make to disrupt your menstrual cycle by negatively hindering ovulation. This results in irregularity.


  1. Vitamin D

Foods that have specifically incorporated Vitamin-D are not easy to find, but once you do you can be sure that you have landed on one of the best menstrual-balancing diet choices of all.

  • Cod liver oil, tuna, skimmed milk, egg yolks, sardines, and salmon are outstanding sources of Vitamin D.
  • By enhancing the way cells communicate with each other, your hormone levels will find immense stability.
  • Besides, Vitamin D is a great source of cancer-prevention chemicals; studies have shown it battling prostate, breast, colon, and ovarian cancers.

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