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The brain will not heal itself. Maybe when you are young and vivacious, but not as you get older. Your brain needs help from its closest possible source, namely you. Not just any supplement will do, though. Specific ones are readily available to help you turn your health around where your brain is concerned. Better memory, lesser chance of Alzheimer’s and other related ailments, and long-term efficiency are some of the benefits quality brain-health supplements bring.

We are going to cover two herbals that have shown time and again to improve memory and brain health in general. These are Brahmi and Tulsi. The fact that these two herbs, between them, can battle almost all major brain ailments and diseases is stunning. Their targets include conditions like Schizophrenia and Epilepsy and diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These herbs have shown to alleviate and improve not reverse the conditions of these diseases. They are, therefore, not cures. Imagine if you start early and take these supplements regularly from a good age. There is every chance that you will grow older with an exceptionally healthy brain and superior memory powers. A healthy brain will certainly work to maintain an optimal body.


Then again, it all depends on the degree to which the ailment has taken hold of a brain. For instance, if a person has late-stage Parkinson’s, there is little these herbs can do to make them better compared to what high-end medical treatment can accomplish.

  1. Brahmi

From battling a range of neurological diseases to improving brain health by targeting different angles, Brahmi has proven not to be a cure or treatment option in the strictest sense of the word but a powerful supplement whose results are unimpeachable.

  • Aging – Everyone ages and their brains do too. The crux of a poor memory is a brain that ages prematurely because it does not get the right nutrition to keep it young and active.

Ayurveda holds Brahmi in high regard for its brain-related advantages. Long-term use has shown to fight brain aging. A set of six studies that went on for twelve weeks each saw the participants supplemented with Brahmi showing remarkable memory boosts.


In another study (a clinical trial controlled by placebos and double-blind in nature), the cognitive performance of a group of senior citizens showed a wonderful hike.


  • Memory – In keeping with the earlier point, Brahmi is best known to improve memory by enhancing cognitive performance all round. Promoting verbal learning and ridding delayed recalls and forgetfulness, Brahmi is one of the top herbals that can improve memory potential.

With these supplements, since they are so young and have yet to evolve in potential, you can expect a couple of side effects. Do not be alarmed, these are mild in nature, just some temporary intestinal distress or nausea and that is all.

With Brahmi, the pros invariably outweigh the cons. In fact, this power-herb has also shown to battle Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s. No other herb can boast so many brain-related benefits as Brahmi can.

  1. Tulsi

This is yet another super-herb known to fight not one but several different kinds of ailments pertaining to your body as well as your brain. It is not called the ‘Queen of Herbs’ for nothing.

  • Vitamin K – This fat-soluble vitamin promotes outstanding heart, bone, as well as brain health. Cancer-protection, optimal metabolic functions, and anti-clotting properties for the blood are some of its other benefits. Just one cup of Tulsi imparts more than the basic Vitamin K amount you need every day. According to numerous studies Tulsi is capable of improving brain functions to a great extent.
  • Headaches – Tulsi is also a disinfectant and a sedative that helps in relieving headaches and migraines. Sinus problems are linked to congestion and Tulsi is an anti-congestive herb. Diffuse some tulsi oil in a cup of herbal tea and drink it every day. Watch as your sinuses clear up. Even if you have headaches without sinus issues, tulsi clears it all up just the same.


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