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We are living in an age where chronic diseases are finding their way in every individual irrespective of age. People are trying all ways and means to combat the war against chronic diseases, primary mediated by metabolic disorders, leading to diabetes, hypertension and obesity in the least. As people realize that central obesity is their primary chronic killer, they engage in all means of cutting down existing fat and also calorie intake in their diet.

We tend to go at extremes where we cut down all fat from our diets and even encourage our children to do so. While bad fats are definitely the primary concern when it comes to heart disease, later effecting the brain and nervous system, total elimination of fats from our diet is definitely not the solution and could have serious repercussions especially for our children. Our brain and nervous system needs good fats and there is no choice more prudent than Organic Olive Oil for boosting brain function, restoring nerves to their optimal state and preventing diseases of the nervous system.

How Organic Olive Oil Works to Prevent Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System

Organic Olive Oil is a healer for the entire body. It works in a holistic way to detoxify and regenerate subtle losses of essential chemicals that are vital for successful completion of several biological processes and maintenance of optimal body balance. Sometimes, the depletion of hormones and chemicals within the system and collection of toxins overtime directly effects the functioning of the brain and the nervous system and produces diseases that eventually result in the degeneration of the nerves in the central and peripheral nervous system.

When Organic Olive Oil is consumed raw or lightly cooked, it improves overall blood circulation and also stimulates the production of messenger chemicals that are required for smooth functioning of the central nervous system. Further, it has huge potential as an antioxidant on the overall body and revives and regenerates damaged and depleted parts of the nervous system with unimaginable efficacy and speed.

For children, it serves as the indispensable and incomparable source of fat for optimal development of the brain and central nervous system. Research has also indicated that the composition of Organic Olive Oil has the ability to balance the water content present in the brain and therefore balance and mediate central nervous system activity in the best way.

On another front, research has indicated how Organic Olive Oil can detoxify the accumulation of plaque in the brain and help detoxify it in order to prevent and control the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Organic Olive Oil also has the remarkable ability to produce essential enzymes in the brain that boosts brain function, prevents starvation and has the potential to stop and reverse progression of chronic diseases of the nervous system; Alzheimer’s being at the top of the list.

How to Consume Organic Olive Oil for Optimal Brain Function and Prevention of Nervous System Diseases

We generally require around 2% to 20% of fat, which makes us feel good and is extremely essential for the health and proper functioning of he nerves. Organic Olive Oil serves as the most effective form of fat and helps fight a number of chronic conditions of the brain and nervous system. Organic Olive Oil also serves as a detoxification mechanism to spring back inefficient and misfiring nerves back to life.

Organic Olive Oil is best consumed raw with salad, starters, pasta or similar preparations. However, Organic Olive Oil for boosting brain and nervous system function can also be included in main course preparations, provided it is not overcooked. Sometimes, overcooking causes the Organic Olive Oil to break down and lose its nutritional value and ability to heal and restore energy balance and distribution throughout the body. Nevertheless, brief steaming with vegetables and meat infuses its qualities into the food preparation and serves as a good source of energy for the vitality and strength of nerves when consumed.

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