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Licorice is a wonder herb with a host of healing actions on the whole body including stress- relief, asthma and flu healing, treatment of ulcers, fighting tooth decay, fatigue and depression and a number of infections related to many organ systems. One of the most popular uses of licorice root is related to relief from pain and discomfort associated with a Sore Throat. This comes especially as a savior for young children who might find the herb especially satisfying due to its sweet, almost candy like taste. Organic licorice root is one of the best agents for relief from Sore Throat.

Why Natural Organic Licorice is Better than Antibiotics for Sore Throat Relief

While we are habituated to grabbing a course of antibiotics at the first instance or sign of a Sore Throat, devastated by the pain and swelling that it accompanies, antibiotics might not always be the wisest option to use for a Sore Throat.

Doctors advise against frequent use of antibiotics, since that makes bacteria more resistant to the drug and makes it less and less effective every time you tend to use it. Further, doctors argue that resistant strains of bacteria can become deadly at times, gaining the ability to sabotage even the strongest antibiotics available to your body. Medical professionals further state that not all infections are a result of a bacterial infection and therefore antibiotics are not even relevant to the case. A Sore Throat could be the result of a viral infection. Whatever the cause, certain herbal remedies can effectively bring down inflammation, restore normal secretion of mucous and treat ulcers. Among the best known herbal remedies is the effective Licorice root that comes in handy not just for adults, but also for young children, who are attracted to its candy like taste.

How Licorice Works to heal a Sore Throat

A Sore Throat can result from a number of causes and that includes pollutants in the air that we constantly inhale and sometimes develop allergies. At other times, we might be suffering from a prolonged illness like influenza, cold with rigors, measles or chicken pox and might develop a Sore Throat. When not treated effectively, this might drag us into a relapse at times. Moreover, some patients who have undergone surgery might develop a Sore Throat and might be uncomfortable and troubled due to the nature of the cough associated with the Sore Throat after the operation. In all these cases and even many more bacterially and virally mediated infections, Licorice comes in handy as a great agent to heal Sore Throat and bring long term relief.

Licorice is known to contain substances that can bring about a reduction in swelling or inflammation of the area where it is applied. In addition, licorice reduces thin mucus secretions, irritation and coarseness of the throatand associated persistent cough. All these conditions enable the licorice root to relieve Sore Throat effectively. Due to its potential to heal even ulcers present in the body, Licorice is one of the highly effective herbal remedies for pain, swelling and inflammation associated with a Sore Throat.

How You Can Use Licorice to Heal a Sore Throat

There can be many reasons why you might develop a Sore Throat, from mere cold and flu to acid reflux. However, Licorice is one of the most popular and preferred remedies that work from the inside out, healing all the swelling, mucous membranes and even ulcers related to a Sore Throat. Whenever you have a Sore Throat, there are many ways you can use Licorice to heal it naturally without increasing discomfort further through the use of strong chemicals and medicinal side effects.

Generally, people are habituated to using  Licorice root to make tea by steeping it for a while in hot water and then straining and drinking it to soothe theirSore Throat. In this context, Licorice root can be powdered and added to your favorite tea, regular or herbal, thus making it a soothing drink to heal your Sore Throat. A less known alternative is to use Licorice root along with warm water to gargle and cleanse your throat, while also healing it effectively.

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