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In this hectic era we are surrounded by work pressure and peer pressure. Emotional disorders like anxiety and depression is a common phenomenon. People are going crazy over the pills which can elevate their mood. Are you depressed and looking for some natural remedy?

Have you heard about essential oils? These essential oils are the answer to your query. Just inhaling the aroma of right oil can erase anxiety and depression.

A mood booster: Bergamot oil

Many citrus oils are used as mood elevators but out of them Bergamot is a super oil for depression.

The oil is known for calming and antidepressant properties since olden days. There are many research papers which support the benefits of Bergamot oil.

Patients who reported depression and pain were hand massaged for a week with the blend of three essential oil ratios:

5% dilution with almond oil
After a week the patients reported less pain and depression.

Another set of people who were prone to anxiety and depression were introduced to 10 minute inhalation therapy of Bergamot essential oil every week. Significant change in the blood pressure levels and nervous activity was reported.

Make an anti stress blend at home

You can try making this blend at home which can relieve you of stress and depression.

Five drops of Lavender oil
Three drops of Ylang Ylang oil
Two drops of Bergamot oil
Blend these three oils together in right ratio. Now every day take a hot water bath with three drops of this blend. Within a week you can see your mood elevating!

Clear, calm Clary sage

Other name for clary sage is clearing your depressed moods. It can get that zest and zeal to your mood. Just soak yourself or inhale the aroma of this aromatic oil and enjoy the bliss.

A great blend for a relaxing bath

Three drops of Clary sage

Two drops of Ylang Ylang oil

Now use this blend for a hot water bath before going to bed.

Lavender; the purple peace

We all love lavenders not only for smell but also for its versatile use. It is used in cosmetic industry for its smell. However many of us do not know about its multiple uses including pest control and as an anti depressant.

Lavender oil has also been recommended by British Pharmacopoeia for treating mild depression. After receiving 60 drops of lavender tincture per day improves depression.

A study mentioned that correct sage of lavender oil reduces serum cortisol levels which are vital in body’s reaction towards stress.

Many drug manufacturers have used lavender oil in creating lavender oil capsule, Silexan. When this capsule is taken over the period of six weeks it relieves generalized anxiety. This drug is natural as compared to Lorazepam which is very powerful drug. Thus there is not drug abuse when the Silexan drugs are consumed by patients.

A very important point to note is that Lavender has various species lavandin Lavandula intermedia have stimulating properties where as lavender L. Angustifolia has relaxing properties.

Anti depressant oils

We have leant about Bergamot, Lavender and Clary sage oils which are mood boosting oils. We have a list of other oils that are anti depressant.

Basil oil
Geranium oil
Grape fruit oil
Lime oil
Roman oil
Rose oil
Sandalwood oil
Swet orange oil
Ylang Ylang oil

With these wonderful oils you do not have to fight your depression alone. Your anxiety and mood disorders can be cured with the wellness oil which are purely natural and a free gift of Mother Nature.

Look for a good aroma therapist or a naturopath who can relax your with the symptoms of anxiety, mood swings and depression.


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