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For centuries, traditional Organic Tulsi Oil has been the most preferred herb with benefits that heal the whole body. As holistic healing oil, primarily used and nurtured in the Indian subcontinent, Organic Tulsi Oil has innumerable medicinal uses for the skin, the hair and overall health. Organic Tulsi Oil is primarily preferred as a holistic healer in India since it is believed to heal the body; mind and spirit in unison, creating the perfect energy balance and helping even a toxic body bring about holistic healing.

Organic Tulsi Oil is available in a number of varieties and its oil is derived from three main varieties of the Tulsi herb. The common name for Organic Tulsi is Basil and not just the leaves, but also the roots and the seeds are employed for different filtration processes of Organic Tulsi Oil. The numbers of diseases that have been treated by the use of Organic Tulsi Oil are many, ranging from influenza and common cold to even extreme organ system wise illnesses like heart disease. This is true since it not just brings down inflammation in any part or organ system of the body, but also fights bacteria and viruses and boosts the natural immunity and defense mechanism of the whole body

Organic Tulsi Oil Benefits for the Skin and Underlying Infections

Acne, eczema and pimples are effectively resolved with the help of Organic Tulsi Oil due to its anti-microbial properties. As a blood purifier, it helps cure acne and pimples, tones your skin and imparts a glow to it. Organic Tulsi Oil also helps remove dark spots and acts as a moisturizer and anti-ageing agent. Due to the numerous healing aspects of Organic Tulsi Oil, skin irritation, itching, minor cuts and wounds and infection can be controlled effectively.

Organic Tulsi Oil Benefits for the Teeth, Gums and Oral health

Organic Tulsi Oil is one of the rare agents effective against teeth and gum disease. Organic Tulsi Oil can be used when brushing teeth and helps counteract bad breadth and inflammation of the gums. It also helps fight tooth ache and a range of dental problems by destroying the bacteria that commonly infest the oral cavity and throat. Organic Tulsi Oil has the property of destroying up to 99% of the microbes found in the teeth and gums and is also able to effectively reverse the damage caused by mouth ulcers.

Organic Tulsi Oil Benefits for the Lungs, Respiratory Problems and Smoking Cessation

Among the primary benefits of Organic Tulsi Oil that make it a great healer for the lungs are the prevention and treatment of common cold and influenza. Organic Tulsi Oil has the property of fighting against bacterial and viral infections and helps bring down body temperature effectively when used as a concoction. In this context, it is also an effective treatment for cough and problems of the respiratory system. Due to its property of mobilizing the mucus flowing within lungs and respiratory channels, Organic Tulsi Oil can control asthma and sore throat better than traditional drugs. The healing properties of Organic Tulsi Oil can resolve damage that might have occurred due to smoking habits and tuberculosis. When used during smoking cessation, Organic Tulsi Oil helps keep the throat soothed and stress free and creates a cooling and anti-oxidant effect.

Organic Tulsi Oil Benefits for the Hair and Scalp

Organic Tulsi Oil imparts lot of energy to the hair and scalp and helps fight infections that cause dandruff and harmful conditions of the scalp and hair. It also improves blood circulation when massaged into the skin and makes hair grow naturally by nurturing the hair follicle. Organic Tulsi Oil prevents the scalp from drying out or acquiring environmental damage and microbial infestation. Due to the holistic healing from Organic Tulsi Oil it is able to nurture the scalp and hair from the root to the tip.

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