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Neem Oil is the ideal remedy for all your hair problems, since it is nature’s rare herbal syrup filled with nourishing healing properties for effective hair growth, fighting problems and infections of the scalp and hair, imparting a clean and naturally lustrous appearance to the hair and helping get rid of germs and microbes that cause itching and scaling of the scalp or over production of oils and stickiness.

In this context, Organic Neem Oil is especially suited for the common dandruff condition that is the root cause of itching, scaling and greasiness of the scalp and is followed by a number of other infections and conditions of the hair and scalp that might worsen the strength and condition of hair as well.

Organic Neem Oil contains a number of antioxidants, fatty-acids and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the redness, inflammation and irritation caused due to certain conditions of the hair and scalp. It also helps get rid of microbes and lice that are known to commonly infest the hair and the scalp. The characteristic antiseptic odor of Organic Neem Oil itself speaks volumes of its healing properties and unmatched potential to treat conditions of the head and hair like no other chemical formula available today.

Key Ingredients and Properties Found in Organic Neem Oil that Help Fight Dandruff

Organic Neem Oil is full of antioxidants, which can help get rid of free radicals. The effect of these antioxidants present in the Organic Neem Oil is manifold. Antioxidants help curb the damage that occurs due to free radicals that are related to degradation of cells. Organic Neem Oil is very effective in supporting cell division in the scalp and hair, and acting as a stimulant to nurture hair follicles and restore their normal growth and functioning. Overtime, Organic Neem Oil can help hair grow more lustrous, healthy and strong and helps maintain their nature even in spite of harsh conditions.

The fatty acids contained in Organic Neem Oil are essential for nourishing the scalp and hair and underlying hair follicles. This is important in terms of effective dandruff control that lasts for life. Organic Neem Oil contains Linoleic acid, Stearic Acid and Oleic acid that provide the nourishment and conditioning needed for healthy hair follicles. Often massaging with Organic Neem Oil and covering with a hot towel for effective penetration into the scalp helps a great deal in resolving the conditions of the hair and the scalp in an effective way. It also gradually works on the hair from the root to the tip to make them more manageable and full of shine and overwhelming with health.

Organic Neem Oil is an anti - inflammatory agent that fights microbial conditions that commonly affect the scalp and aggravate due to environmental pollution and low quality hair care. While many of us are aware that dandruff is caused by candida, a kind of fungi, most might not be well aware that Organic Neem Oil is the perfect antidote for candida infection and has tremendous healing potential as an anti-dandruff agent. Organic Neem Oil fights inflammation, resolves redness and irritation of the scalp and soothes and nourishes hair follicles as it works on a range of fungal and microbial infections.  Moreover, Organic Neem Oil is the perfect way to ensure that the scalp and hair are enveloped by a protective anti-septic casing that will prevent dandruff from infesting the scalp even in the presence of environmental pollutants.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, anti-ageing and nourishing properties of Organic Neem Oil, it also acts as an insecticide and helps control and resolves the infestation, growth and reproduction of visible and invisible insects, lice infestation being the most common condition. The smell and properties of Organic Neem Oil helps control their proliferation from different angles and finally helps get rid of their infestation.

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