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Be it any wedding, party or festival, you wear the best of jewellery and dresses. You put on the best of makeup and get a stylish hairdo. Despite all these efforts, you still look dull and tired. Well, it is all because of your eyes. The puffiness and dark circles around them do not let your face glow. You have tried several commercial creams to make your eyes look glowing and beautiful but all in vain.

There are numerous Eye Care Products available in the market that can help you get the most radiant eyes you can ever want – there are some that incorporate exotic ingredients like Sea Weed Eye Gel while others rely on new technology like Bio-Active Under-Eye Treatment.


While these products are natural and organic, there are several natural remedies listed below, which will definitely pep up your look, making your eyes glowing forever.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is an instant remedy to get rid of dullness and puffiness. It gives a fresh look to your face and takes away all the fatigue from your face. It is the best ingredient to treat dark circles. Since cucumber is high in water content, it hydrates the eyes. All you need to do is cut cucumber slices. Freeze it for 15 minutes and then, place the chilled ones on your eyes. Let them stay till the slices reach room temperature.  

  1. Olive Oil and Green Tea bag

Green tea is great for skin as it provides instant refreshment to it. You can make use of used green tea bags as well. Just place the tea bags in the refrigerator to chill. Meanwhile apply olive oil on your eye lids and under eye area. Massage for a minute and then take the tea bags out. Then place them on your eyes. Let them stay till they reach room temperature. Later wash your face with normal water and finish with a good moisturizer. Green tea provides relief to tired and puffy eyes. It also acts on under eye circles. Since it has bioflavonoids, green tea heals inflammation as well.

  1. Raw milk

Raw milk is the key ingredient for several homemade skincare remedies. Similarly, it works wonders for your eyes as well. It ensures reduced puffiness and gives a fresh look to them. To use it, all you need is ice cold raw milk. Take one cup of chilled milk and then, add a few cotton balls to it. Let them soak the milk properly. Meanwhile take a towel and cover your head. Lie down in a quiet corner. Then place these cotton balls on your eyes. Remove them once they come down to normal temperature. Later, wash your face with normal water. This is an instant remedy to brighten your eyes and make them look beautiful.

  1. Strawberry

Since strawberries have antioxidants, they are quite effective in delaying the signs of ageing. But, what we are not aware of is that they instantly brighten the eyes making them look fresh and beautiful. To get rid of fatigue and puffiness, all you need is frozen strawberries.  Just remove the top and cut frozen strawberries into slices. Place these slices under your eyes for about 15 minutes. Later, wash your face and moisturize thoroughly.

Strawberries help in making your skin look younger and smoother.  

  1. Rose Water

Rose water is an all time favourite choice of all beauty experts. It is added in mostly all natural beauty treatments. Moreover, it is good for the eyes as it reduces puffiness and dullness. It is also effective in easing strain on the eyes. For this you need a small bowl. Pour a few teaspoons of rose water into it. Now add cotton balls to the liquid so that they completely get soaked in it. Now place these cotton balls on your eyes. Let them stay for about 10 minutes. Do it often to get rid of fatigue.

Rose water is good for skin as well. It hydrates, tones and firms the skin, thus preventing early appearance of ageing signs. Besides, it also heals acne, rashes and skin irritation.

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