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Body mass gainers are nothing new; they’ve been around for a while. Yet they seem to have gained little traction, or at least as much as they deserve. They are extremely useful for the purpose of putting on weight and also act as an effective motivator for the individual in the struggle to hit the gym regularly and build those muscles up. Mass gainers must necessarily be paired with tough workout routines to get the most out of it, so there’s no skimping there. Doing so will only lead to a lot of flab, which we don’t want. 

Let’s get a few things out of the whey before we begin talking about the plan that should support your bodybuilding goals. 

There are a few ways to go about putting on mass. Some swear by an all natural diet, which of couse has its benefits. An all natural diet for mass gain is best suited for someone on the extreme end of leanness. Before they can begin bodybuilding in tandem with consuming mass gainers or whey protein, they must have an adequate amount of mass and muscle that will help them sculpt that figure into ravishing handsomeness. 

What then, is the difference between mass gainers and whey protein? You’ll see plenty of debates raging on which is better and it’s not always clear what each one is. Why don’t we find out? 

Mass Gainers 

Mass gainers are calories. So are whey protein products, but mass gainers are calories not beneficial in any way but putting on weight. For this reason, they are not always recommended by experts. If you’d like to simply get the calories you need to put on weight, then natural solutions are always better. Whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice, protein from soy and dals, and plenty of milk is the way to go if you want to get that initial weight. 

Protein Supplements, Specifically Whey Protein 

Protein supplements come in many forms and, here again, it’s not always clear what each one does and which one is best for you. 

Protein supplements are either whey, casein or egg. Both whey and casein are quite popular, with egg being a little less well known. The difference between these types is the rate at which your body absorbs the protein on offer. Whey protein products, such as GRF Mega Mass 5000 (also available as GRF Mega Mass 5000 600 Grams Pack), offer the highest rate of absorption, meaning your body absorbs the protein quickly after a strenuous workout.

This is good because your body needs to repair your muscles after the workout and it needs protein to do the job. The higher the absorption rate, the quicker the body gets this necessary protein. 

Whey protein itself comes in different forms. The difference between one of low concentration and one which is high is that it contains a lower percentage of protein. Higher is better. 

What Should You Choose?

Now comes the big question: what kind of whey protein should you choose? Apart from the GRF Mega Mass 5000, there’s GRF Mega Mass 3600 and GRF Body Grow (also available in GRF Body Grow 600 Grams Pack). 

That’s a dilemma every clueless initiate faces. The solution is simple though: go for supplements that are evidently clear of adulteration. Concentrate whey protein supplements contain the highest amount of protein, so they’re the best choice for you. For some, isolates are preferable because their bodies cannot process the high lactose content that is present in concentrates. In any case, you can always make a switch when you feel that things aren’t right. 

Let’s talk a little bit about steroids. 

They are an absolute no-no. You’ve probably heard of the many health complications and deaths concerning steroids. They do indeed pose a risk. However, you can still look like the fit and muscular being you desire by sticking to what has been written above. 

So, armed with this knowledge, choose the right protein supplement for you and work hard. You’ll see the results in due time.


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