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Although it really shouldn’t matter, to a lot of people, being of a certain height does. The average Indian fares below the world’s average height, although it isn’t too bad. There are more than a few people in search of a solution that will give them a little boost in their vertical reach. 

Are the popular remedies effective? Some Natural Height Gainers work and some don’t, it’s as simple as that. Height is something that is largely genetic, so there are no wonder products that will turn you into a basketball player. However, there are products out there that do the trick, giving you the few extra inches you desire. What’s the harm in trying, right? The products mentioned in this article are all safe and effective, so it’s worth giving Organic Height Gainers a shot. 

The positive side to this is that you actually stop growing only in your mid-twenties. That’s plenty of time to get an action plan that will spurt that growth into place. The usual trio of guidelines are present here: eat well, drop bad habits and take the recommended supplements. These together will help you look over the fridge. 

We’ll begin by having a quick look at what affects your height: 

  1. Genetics 

We all know it - your height is largely dependent on the height of your life-givers, your parents. The prediction formulae that people throw about you aren’t exactly accurate, but it can be said that your likely height - unsupplemented - will be somewhere between that of your taller parent and shorter parent. And visibly, men tend to grow taller than women, though tall heights are not altogether uncommon in women. 

There’s more. Height considers the genetics of your entire family tree, so if you have a few grandparents of length, then things look more positive for you. 

All this goes to say that while a large part of your height remains out of your control, it’s not as bad as it looks if you’ve got to shorter than average parents. 

  1. Health and Diet 

Environmental conditions during the foetal period and early life can affect your height. A rough and illness-ridden early life can also affect your height. It may be a little too late for that now, but at least it serves as a reminder for the best upbringing a child can get. 

Now here are a few activities and changes to undertake for the encouragement of growth: 

  1. Get Enough Sleep 

The necessary amount of sleep for the average person is about 8 hours, though figures vary, and it is extra important for someone in the growing stage to make sure that they receive this sleep. The body fixes itself during sleep and it plays a role in the development of the body. Teenagers especially wish to stay up late, but if they’d like to gain some height, they’ll have to stop that. 

  1. Exercise 

You know of this. Exercise does play a role in developing the body physically. There are a variety of height-benefiting exercises to choose from. An ideal one is swimming, which provides many benefits all around. Hanging exercises and stretching exercises are also great ways to gain a few more inches. 

  1. Keep A Good Posture 

Half physiological, half psychological, keeping a straight and head-up posture can really make it look as if you’re taller. It’s all too common for people to look slouched because of all the gadget use. Straightening yourself really does give you a little boost physically and a huge one mentally. 

Here is an effective Height Gaining Capsule and here is another Natural Height Supplement for you to get started.

Remember, a lot of factors come together in the search for greater heights, so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. You grew to your current height imperceptibly,  and you will see new changes in the same way. Gaining height is like gaining weight, only a little more demanding of patience. Keep at it and there will be a lot less of the craning of the neck soon!


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