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With Delhi being in the grips of a dengue outbreak - the worst one in five years-, it’s become imperative to understand the reality of this disease and how to take precautions against it. 

Dengue fever caused by the mosquito-borne dengue virus shows symptoms like high fever, headaches, muscle and joint pains, and a measles-like skin rash. 

Since the carriers of the disease, i.e. mosquitoes, breed on stagnant dirty water, it is imperative to maintain sanitation and hygiene in our surroundings. However, it isn’t always possible to have control of this. Also, it is important to take other precautionary measures. 

Some natural weapons in this fight against this deadly disease:- 

  1. Vaporiser + Vaporiser Machine

One of the most commonly used measures, this one could also be harmful if you choose a chemical one. Opt for an all-natural one to ensure no side effects. All you need to do is insert a vaporizer into a vaporizer machine and connect it to a power source. Natural vaporisers are safe to be used even around children. 

Find one of your choice here.

  1. Bands

On the other hand, mosquito repellent bands are a comparatively newer invention. These are very effective in the outdoors where it isn’t possible to safeguard one’s self with the help of a vaporizer. These bands are quite popular with children since they’re colourful and can pass off as a new toy! One band is usually enough for one person, but if there is high presence of mosquitoes, use one each on your wrist and ankle. 

Read more about this product here. 

  1. Room Spray

While our bodies benefit from deodorants and perfumes, we freshen our rooms with sprays designed for the same. So why not use one that not just makes your living space smell delightful, but also protects you and your family from mosquitoes! These are all-natural and certified to be effective. 

Know more about the benefits of using a spray here. 

  1. Oil + Diffuser

A natural form of a vaporizer, a diffuser comes in two forms – a steel one, and a ceramic one that can be connected to a power source. The diffuser is effective upto an area of 400 square feet, and is safe to use around children. It needs to be paired with an oil that has mosquito-repellant properties, for example, citronella. A diffuser also plays the role of a room freshener filling the space with a fresh aroma. 

Understand more about coils here. 

  1. Patches

Like bands, mosquito-repellant patches are a newer solution, but as effective as the traditional ones and much easier to use – All you have to do is stick one on your clothes, and you’re protected from mosquitoes for the next 12 hours, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, sleeping, playing or working. It’s safe to use for children too, and comes with the added benefit of being smoke free, and doesn’t require any power source or other equipment. 

Explore this novel solution here. 

  1. Coil

Similar in effect to a vaporizer, a coil lets out mosquito-repelling fumes. Ensure that your coil is made of 100% natural ingredients. This will negate the problem of side effects and you can then also use it indoors.

The only problem with a coil is that you have to make sure children do not come in contact with it since it is hot. 

Read more about how to use a coil here. 

  1. Candle

Sick of the typical smell of mosquito repellents? Here’s your solution: candles and incense sticks that not just do the work, but also make your enclosed space smell wonderful. Choose one with citronella since this has natural mosquito repellent properties. 

Learn more about these new-age solutions here

From sprays to candles, there’s a whole bunch of mosquito-repellants available. So choose the one that works best for you, or even better still, a combination of options, and ensure that you and your loved ones don’t fall prey to dengue this monsoon.


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