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It was inevitable, as it is with all things, that food should somehow become associated with sex. However, the fact that some foods can stimulate sexual activity, arouse the individual, and overcome sexual issues has been well established with research. Nature offers a solution in this very particular distress as well.

There is a cultural element to the association of some foods with sex. Some foods, through tradition or through its temporary fashion, eventually become inseparable from erotic inspiration. Chocolate is a good example of such an aphrodisiac. Whatever the origins of the sexual possibility with certain foods, whether it is based on science or psychological belief, these foods do indeed impart sexual desire.

The foods that you are about to read are your everyday food items, ranging from bananas to garlic. If you'd like to bring some life into bed, then think about trying some of the following ingredients.

  1. Almonds

A lot of praise has been heaped upon almonds and we know that lives up to most of it. There's an endless list to the health benefits of almonds and we'd be here all day relaying it if we decided to go through them all. This article focuses on aphrodisiacs however, and we shall focus on the related properties of almond for that reason.

Almonds have an abundance of Vitamin E, which provides one with the energy needed to enjoy a truly memorable night in the sack. They've long been believed to be powerful stimulants and the continued existence of this belief is perhaps proof of its ability to influence action in bed.

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  1. Avocados

Avocados might seem like an unlikely inclusion in this list, but the exotic fruit is rich in Vitamin E, which provides one with the energy required for a strenuous activity like sex. Avocado is believed to maintain the energy levels in the body, raising stamina and thereby arousal.

The Aztec people called this fruit the 'testicle tree' because they thought the avocados resembled testicles. While that says nothing about the authenticity of avocado as an aphrodisiac, it certainly tells you that it has a long history of being used as an aphrodisiac and that perhaps it does work well.

  1. Basil

The scent of this wonderful herb, ever present in European dishes, is popularly believed to generate arousal. It tastes great, so why not? Find out many more benefits of basil here.

  1. Chilies

Believe it or not, chillies are also considered to be strong aphrodisiacs. Red is the colour of love, so it may have a cultural origin to its use as an aphrodisiac. But it also has the ability to stimulate endorphins, a powerful chemical that mimics some of the effects that take place during sexual arousal. Chilies for lunch?

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  1. Honey

Honey - the only food that doesn't spoil. Also a food that will not spoil your time in bed, because honey is another one of those overwhelming aphrodisiacs.

Honey contains the element boron which facilitates the action of the female hormone oestrogen. But it also stimulates the male hormone testosterone - making it an excellent choice for both the man and the woman.

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There's no 100% guarantee substance that will set fire to your bed. The foods listed above have been noted to have effects on sexual desire and performance, but they're only safe supplements to the course. No organic source exists for a full dose of arousal.

The natural aphrodisiacs still do a sufficient job in keeping the fire alight. They take a little while to kick in because they have to be digested, but a lunch filled with these delights will fill the nights with delight. Try a few of these out and you'll find that your sex life making a marked improvement.


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