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Body pain - it can hit the young, it definitely hits old, and no gender and race is exempt from its occurrence. Lifestyle is the biggest factor when it comes to the development of muscle pain and sadly, many people live woefully unhealthy lives which give free reign to the disabling condition.

Can foods help lessen pain? It most certainly can and it's got science on its side. Changing your diet is an excellent way to begin your battle against pain. It's important to know which foods to take and which to avoid, and in what quantities to consume suggested foods. And, as always, consult a doctor before following with your plan.

Those who have tested these changes state that there has been a significant reduction in the pain they feel. In any case, it can't hurt to try these, so why not give it a shot?

Here are several food items to consider:

  1. Cherries

Strong conclusions have been made that cherries such as tart cherries and blueberries delay muscle soreness and pain. Cherries form a part of the recommended diet for body builders and fitness enthusiasts. Not only does this it help one recover strength, it also increases melatonin production, which enhances the rest you get at night.

  1. Ginger

Ginger, as we felt we've mentioned before, is a great source for anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds reduce and prevent the production of chemicals that result in the inflammation of muscles. Participants in studies have responded that they have felt a noticeable reduction in pain.

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  1. Cranberry

Yummy cranberry juice needs no excuse to be drunk and that it has some excellent pain relieving properties makes it all the more tempting. It reduces pain in the stomach by preventing bacteria that causes ulcers from attaching to your stomach lining. You'll want to watch your intake if you take it with sugar, however. Sugar-free, natural cranberry juice is the better option.

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  1. Turmeric

Turmeric, containing the anti-inflammatory agent curcuminoids, is another essential in the Indian kitchen. It greatly reduces the occurrence of inflammation and relieves pain. The curcuminoids also prevent tissue deterioration and preserve the nerves in your body.

Turmeric is a notable element of Ayurveda, so you know it's got something going for it! You can learn more here.

  1. Yogurt

For stomach pains and indigestion, you need look no further than India's staple - Curd. Or Yogurt. Or Dahi. Or Thayir. The miracle substance has got many names, evidence of its popularity, which in turn is evidence of its importance in the diet.

The bacteria found in curd fights pain and inflammation. If you've got a fussy stomach, go for some curd. 

  1. Coffee

Delicious, delicious coffee with all its energizing and soul-inspiring properties turns out to be an effective reliever of pain as well. Coffee-lovers head straight for the coffee cabinet when they've got a headache.

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  1. Mint

Mint is known as an effective preventive of muscle spasms. Simply eat it raw or add it as a garnish to your food, and you're good to go. The peppermint is advised for irritable bowel symptom because of its effectiveness against muscle spasms.

Mint isn't the only herbal supplement that fights pain. Others exist that in tandem with mint offer additional protection against pain. The versatility of mint in cuisine makes it an excellent choice for a natural pain-killer.

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As you can see, these are not exotic or expensive foods. They're easily obtained and most of them are common household ingredients. Introducing only a few to your diet will have a noticeable impact on those troublesome pains. They've got many other benefits to them, so we don't see why you shouldn't consider shaking up your diet plans.

Don't forget to run these by your doctor. Individuals with pre-existing illnesses or in the midst of certain states of health should always seek consultation before starting something new.


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