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In naturopathy the physicians never believe in any kind of chemical skin treatments or any product with high dose of chemicals. Aging is irreversible however you must age in a healthy way by drinking adequate amount of water, by eating organic foods, doing your daily exercises and quitting smoking.

Anybody who says that aging doesn’t affect him is telling the biggest lie. We all are affected by aging and aging for each one of us is different. Wrinkles, varicose veins and thinning of hair are some of the biggest aesthetic concerns for us.

Along with the natural ways there are certain organic supplements that can help us in our anti aging process.

Tea is very high in anti-oxidants. In white tea and green tea a compound called EGCG is present which is a very effective anti oxidant. This miracle ingredient helps us to fight the anti aging battle. If we mix green tea powder with white tea powder and make a face pack out of it, this mixture will do wonders for our skin. This face mask will fight the early signs of aging.

Always start your day with a ginger tea. You can shred some ginger tea and honey and add them into piping hot water. Now add your favourite tea leaves. This cup will load you with various anti aging benefits.  Ginger contains gingerol which is a rich antioxidant and helps in reducing the breakdown of collagen. Honey has great anti bacterial properties which helps in reduction of inflammation. 

The first signs of anti aging are seen on our hands. The akin on our hands loses its elasticity very fast. Create a homemade scrub by mixing sugar and lemon. Sugar is a natural exfoliant which removes the dead skin. Lemon contains alpha hydroxyl acid which treats various skin ailments.

Noni juice is the new beauty supplement which everybody is raving about. Polynesians were the first ones to find out the benefits of noni juice. This juice has some anti aging and moisturizing properties and treats fine lines and wrinkles.

Grape seed is another way to boost the anti oxidant levels in your body. Grape seeds prevents from losing elasticity from the skin. For that 50mg of organic supplements you need to eat a pound of grapes to restore your youthfulness.

There are some vitamins that help you to prevent premature aging. As we all know that vitamins are natural antioxidants which act on free radicals which are responsible for aging. You can get these anti aging natural vitamins in some of the organic foods we eat.

Vitamin C is plentiful in citrus fruits, kale, bell peppers and broccoli. This powerful anti oxidants is important in iron absorption. The regenerative properties of Vitamin C help in re-establishing other antioxidants in or body.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin is abundantly found in rice bran and yeast. The B vitamins are also called the beauty vitamins because these vitamins extract energy from fats and use it for restoring moisture for hair and skin.

Vitamin K is also beauty beneficial and is found in onions, cucumber, herbs and spinach. You can lose the sluggish skin under your eye with Vitamin K.

Vitamin A reduces stretch marks and wrinkles and is abundantly found in Carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, red pepper and in all greens.

Vitamin E which is very beneficial for your skin is found in nuts, flax seeds, leafy greens and vegetable oils. Often vitamin E is called a protector as it protects our skin from harmful UV rays which is responsible for premature aging.

If you want to age gracefully incorporate vitamin rich diet in your daily eating habits. Vitamins are organic supplements which help in fighting age. You can age gracefully and avoid going under the knife if you go the organic way.

All around the globe and in different cultures you will see that women are taking advantage of natural ingredients to get a youthful and vibrant skin.


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