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In the cosmetic world the marketing experts are selling various anti aging products and services which promise you reversing your age.  From every market window diet planners, creams, clinical treatments and various other therapies are there to confuse you. All you have to do is to follw some practical tips that will help you to look and feel young.

Skin care for anti aging

Washing your face before going to bed is now a pert of our life. However most of us do not know that too much washing can cause premature wrinkles. Som harsh face wash and foams cause dryness which leads to fine line son your face.

It is important to you face washes which have AHAs. Alpha hydroxyl based cleansers and washes are very mild on your skin. Yo can easily get rid of that nasty grit and dirt and at the same time give your skin a soothing treatment in every wash.

AHAs are very mild acids which are obtained from fruits. This acid is very gentle on skin and can easily dissolve the dirst and dead skin. You get that fresh look as the underlying skin becomes porus and grows faster.

 So next time when you are purchasing a cleanser of a face wash look for AHA based product. You have to hunt for ‘ic’ ingredients in your product which should contain names like citric, malic, lactic or tratartic acid.

Home made peels

For that vibrant and youthful look you must go for home peels which are organic in nature and are milder for your skin. They will give you that flawless ksin and make your skin tighter.

Anti aging nutrition

What you put inside really matters. The food you eat reflects on your skin. There are four foods that will give you that youthful look.

  1. Eggs are rich in proteins and helps in collagen building which keeps your skin tight.
  2. Whole grains contain selenium that protects skin from harmful UV radiation.
  3. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 which cures blemishes and inflammation of skin.
  4. Yellow peppers are rich in vitamin C which helps in protecting your skin from radical damage.


Look for skin moisturizers that conatin ceramides. Ceramides have fat that keeps your skin moist. 

Take your beauty sleep

Wrong sleeping habits will do wrong to your skin. Sleeping less can cause wrinkles and premature aches. You can get the right kind of sleep by following some tips:

Check your pillow position

Make sure you sleep on your back. When you face up you do not sqash your skin with your pillow thus preventing the premature wrinkles. With this upright position you also prevent acid reflux. If you have problems sleeping try putting a pillow under your knees and neck, within in no time you will be comfortable sleeping upright.

Consistency in sleeping

How consistant you are in your sleeping routine is more important than the number of hours you sleep. Your body releases certain hormones at certain stages of sleep. Any kind of disruption in sleeping patterns cause the reduction in release of hormones which causes increase of certain inflammatory substance in your blood stream. These inflammatory substance can damage your skin and may lead to premature aging.

Anti aging supplements

Get the right skin lift up with some anti aging supplements. Make sure your supplements contain pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is obtained from pine bark and contain amazing anti inflammatory and anti oxidant powers. Within 12 weeks of consumption you will expeerinece smoother and fine skin. These anti aging supplements do not react with herbs or other supplements and you can take high doses for longer time period. You can also look for skin creams that contain pycnogenol compound.

You can get innumerable anti aging tips from various sources, all you have to do is choose the right tip and follow in religiously for that radiant and young skin.


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