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Age is a natural phenomenon, it is not under the control of our will. There are many reasons behind aging some cannot be influenced but others can be influenced by us.

The natural aging process happens with time. Aging is the visibility of fine lines on our face. To loose our youful and fullness is inevitable. Over the period of time our skin becomes drier and thinner. However aging also depends a lot on our gene pool. Aging happens from within this is the reason why in medical term aging is termed as intrinsic aging.

Some people age much before the time, this is termed as premature aging. It is much quicker as compared to the natural aging. Premature aging can be prevented, here are some of the tips offered by some great dermatologists.

Sun is the enemy of our skin, protect your skin from the sun. Sun protection is very important especially when you are going out for running or you are at a beach. Cover your skin with a cloth, use sunscreen or seek shade. Today we have good sunscreen creams and lotions available in the market. Use SPF 30 or higher. Make sure you pick up a water resistant sunscreen variant.

Everytime you get a tan, remember that you are exposing your skin to premature skin aging. If you are using an indoor tanning bed it is equally harmful for your skin. All these equipments emit harmful UV radiations that expose your skin to aging.

Quit smoking, it speeds up the aging process. Your complexion will become sallow and very soon you will get visible wrinkles.

Some people have a habbit of making a repetitive facial expression. Every time thesame muscle will contract and will lead to the development of fine lines.

Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. A well balanced diet will slower down the aging process. If you take too much of refined suf=gar and carbohydrates you will definitely age before time.

People who drink damage their skin. Effect of alcohol is rough on our skin. Excessive drinking can make us look older.

Regular exercises improve your blood circulation and immunity system this will in turn keep you youthful and radiant.

Be very gentle to your skin. A lot of scrubbing, pollution and make up can irritate your skin thus exposing it to premature aging.

Moisturize your skin daily. Water is very important for our skin. For that youthful look always wear a good moisturizer.

Perspiration is another cause of skin irritation. Make sure you wash your face twice a day. When ever you sweat you must wash your face, sweat make syour skin coarse.

If you are using any cosmetic product that causes a burning or a sting sensation, stop its use immediately. The more your skin will be irritated more it will result in premature aging.

Often dermatologists say that it is never too late to benefit. By changing your lifestayle you can benefit your skin. Every time you protect your skin from sun and heavy chemicals you give your skin some time to repair from the damage.

Today in the market there are various skin treatments available that are less invasive like tightening of skin, smoothening, improving complexion etc that makes you look younger.

Age gracefully

Today premature  aging can lead to various risk factors. We all know that we cannot stop aging, all we can do is to age optimally.

The four devils of aging are

  1. Oxidation
  2. Stress
  3. Sugar
  4. Inflammation

All these four factors lead to breakdown of our body and organs from within.

  1. Oxidation of skin is caused due to free harmful radicals that detoriates your skin.
  2. Inflammation results in various disorders like skin cancer, obesity, diabetes etc.
  3. Stress may release some harmful hormones like cortisol which have hazarduous impact on your skin and brain.
  4. Sugar is often called the fat storing hormone which drives you towards aging.

We are lucky today that we can prevent premature aging by following the advise of our dermatologists and taking small steps towards aging gracefully rather than aging much before our time.


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