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Kidneys are organs that remove waste products from the body. There are two kidneys, each located on either side of the spine in the lower rib cage. The kidneys are made up of tiny functioning units called nephrons which contain blood filtering vessels called glomerulus. When blood enters the glomerulus, it is filtered. The remaining fluid is passed onto the tubule where chemicals and water are either added or removed and the final product is the waste product that our body does not need. Taking care of the kidneys is as important as taking care of any other body part. Kidneys are powerful chemical factories that perform the following functions for the body.

  1. Remove waste products from the body.
  2. Remove drugs from the body.
  3. Maintain a balance of fluids of the body.
  4. Control the production of red blood cells.
  5. Regulate blood pressure by releasing the required hormones.
  6. Produce an active form of Vitamin D which further helps in developing strong and healthy bones.

Kidney care is very essential. Kidney diseases are said to take place when the kidneys do not function in their normal manner. When a person suffers from a kidney disease, several fluids and waste products do not get filtered from the body and keep building up in the body. A person suffering from a kidney disease may show the following symptoms.

  1. Lethargy
  2. Edema
  3. Weakness
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Anemia
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Fatigue
  8. Congestive heart failure
  9. Metabolic disturbances
  10. High blood potassium
  11. High blood pressure
  12. Increasing levels of blood urea

With so many complications associated with kidney diseases, it is best to prevent them from occurring in the first place. A healthy balanced diet plays an important role in helping the kidneys perform their function in a proper manner.

Best kidney foods

The following foods are considered vital for kidneys and their proper functioning.

  1. Red bell peppers are low in potassium. They contain a high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folic acid and fiber. Red bell peppers contain lycopene that is an antioxidant that protects the kidneys from developing cancer and helps them to function properly.
  2. Cabbage contains phyto- chemicals that fight free radicals before they can cause any damage. Cabbage also is a rich source of Vitamins A, C, B6, folic acid, fibers and does not contain much potassium. This is one of the main reasons why it can be easily added to kidney diet.
  3. Cauliflower is a rich source of folates and fibers. In addition, it contains may chemicals and proteins that help to break down toxic substances and help in their removal.
  4. Onion is rich in flavonoids that help the kidneys to fight against cancer. Onions also are low in potassium and rich in chromium which is a mineral that helps in metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and enhance the kidney function.
  5. Apple is perhaps the best food for kidneys. It contains anti- inflammatory compounds and fibers that help the kidneys to fight against cancer and several other diseases. Apples also promote cardiovascular health and treat constipation.
  6. Cranberries have anti- bacterial properties that help to keep bladder infections at bay. These also kill ulcer causing bacteria and are known to promote kidney health. These also help fight against cancer.
  7. Blueberries contain phyto- nutrients and natural compounds that help to fight inflammation. Blueberries are rich in Vitamin C and manganese that keeps the bones healthy. Rich in their fiber content, blueberries help the kidneys to function properly.
  8. Eggs whites are full of proteins and provide the body with all essential amino acids. Egg whites provide the kidneys with the required protein levels with less phosphorous and enhance kidney function.
  9. Fish provides the kidneys high quality proteins and omega- 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help the kidneys to fight cancer and also promote good cholesterol.
  10. Cherries are rich in antioxidants and phyto- chemicals that protect the body from cancers and also reduce inflammation.
  11. Strawberries are rich in anti- oxidants, Vitamin C, manganese and fiber that give them anti- cancer and anti- inflammatory properties. Strawberries prevent the body from oxidative damage and help kidneys perform better.
  12. Raspberries provide kidneys with the required amount of Vitamin C, manganese, folates, Vitamin B, fibers and antioxidants that helps the kidneys to inhibit cancer cell growth and perform better.


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