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The literal meaning of the word pigmentation is coloring. The skin gets its color from melanin which is produced by special cells in the body called melanocytes. Apart from this, there are about 150 genes that affect the color of the skin and so nothing much can be done about natural pigmentation. On the other hand, the melanin production maybe affected in the body. The awry production of melanin does result in pigmentation which is a skin disorder. In pigmentation, dark patches or spots appear on the skin making the skin tone look uneven. Pigmentation as a skin disorder may even make the skin look very unhealthy and if not treated and taken care of can result in severe skin disorders.

Types of pigmentation

The skin disorder usually has two forms:

    1. Hypo-pigmentation occurs when too little melanin is produced. When this takes place, the skin gets lighter and white patches start appearing on the skin. Vitiligo is a condition commonly associated with hypo-pigmentation. This condition results in white patches on the skin.
    2. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when too much melanin is produced in the body. Hyper- pigmentation is characterized by dark patches and spots on the skin.

What causes pigmentation?

Though the basic factor underlying pigmentation is the melanin level, there are some other factors as well that may cause pigmentation. Internal biological factors like hormonal changes, changes in endothelial cells and pregnancy are common causes of skin pigmentation. External factors like ultraviolet rays of the sun, burning, contact with certain chemicals, stress and dietary imbalance are likely to cause skin pigmentation.

Skin pigmentation disorders and avoiding them

There are a few skin pigmentation disorders that are very common and must be avoided and treated using natural remedies. Natural remedies are the best means to avoid skin pigmentation disorders as these do not have any adverse side effects on either the skin or the health.

      1. Melisma is a skin pigmentation disorder that appears in pregnant women. It usually appears as tan or brown patches on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Nutritional deficiencies also are a cause of melisma in men and women. Aloe Vera is one of best ways to get rid of melasma. Exfoliating the skin with orange peel can also helps to treat this skin pigmentation disorder. Turmeric powder and milk can effectively treat this disorder. Using almonds and honey can also avoid this disorder.
      2. Vitiligo is a condition where the immune system of the body attacks the pigments cells causing a loss of these cells. This in turn causes white patches to occur on the skin and the skin tone gets lighter. Vitiligo can also occur if a person suffers from problems like diabetes, thyroid or even Addison's disease. To avoid this problem, one must avoid taking sour foods and also use mustard oil. Another way to avoid this pigmentation disorder is to drink water kept in a copper vessel overnight as this reduces white patches. Bakuchi oil and seeds are also an effective way to reduce white patches.
      3. Post inflammatory skin pigmentation can also occur if the skin has suffered from infections, burns or blisters. Papaya juice and papaya are one way to avoid and treat skin pigmentation. Aloe Vera can also help to avoid skin pigmentation as it reduced sun burns. Lemon juice and turmeric powder are also great ways to avoid skin pigmentation.
      4. Taking in antioxidants like Vitamins A and C protect the skin cells and also helps to rebuild the cells. Vitamins A and C are powerhouses to treat pigmentation as they boost the production of collagen and elastin.

Apart from these, skin care products that help treat skin pigmentation can also be used. Facial treatments with products rich in vitamins A and C also help in treating the problem of skin pigmentation. Using sunscreens can also help avoiding skin pigmentation as these protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

A word of caution

Albinism is an inherited skin pigmentation disorder which occurs due to the absence of melanin. This problem can occur on the face, eyes or the hair. There is no known cure for this problem. It has been proven that no home remedy or conventional medicine works for this skin pigmentation disorder.


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