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We all have some difficulty falling asleep sometime or the other. It may be a series of ongoing thoughts, the stress of work or an upcoming event or medical conditions that keep us up at night. But having to suffer through it night after night can be distressing and lead to insomnia where a person is unable to fall asleep for days at end. It is essential for physical and mental well being to get a good night’s rest. Not having slept enough the previous night can lead to mood swings, irritability, lack of productivity, hampered decision making and worse even health disorders. If sleep continues to evade you, you may want to try out some of these home remedies for relief. However if it is still persistent, it is best to seek medical advice from a doctor. Even if you have reached the far stages of insomnia but just want to improve your sleeping patterns, you can opt for some of the suggested simple remedies to have you snoozing like a baby.

  1. Oil Massage

Aromatherapy and acupressure specialists can give you details about the benefits of body massage and how it can improve your sleep due to the pressure on the millions of connections internally. Just massaging your body for a few minutes before bed time can give you immense relief from mental and physical stress and help you sleep better. You can try massaging the neck, shoulders and back which have many relevant acupressure points. However if you do not have someone who can perform these massages on you, just try rubbing your feet. Most of the acupressure points lie at the soles of the feet and can be activated by sufficient pressure. To enhance your massage experience, add a few drops of your favourite fragrant massage oil to coconut or olive oil.  The aromas and the soothing texture will calm you from the inside out. Pick your favourite massage oil here.


  1. Bath Salts

Naturopathy experts vouch by the benefits of Epsom salts. And adding them to your bath water increases the benefits manifold. Just a few hours before bedtime, draw yourself a warm bath and add a few spoonfuls of fragrant bath salts to it. Soak in the water for 15 to 20 minutes and you will feel your cares ebbing away. The magnesium sulphate in the bath salts and the hot water soothe and relax sore muscles. The effervescent effect of the salt enters the pores and calms the central nervous system helping you relax and put the worries out of your mind. The warm water soak with the neutralising properties of the salt help you to sleep better and more soundly at night. You can stock up on bath salts by clicking here.

  1. Warm Milk

Melatonin is the hormone secreted in the body that helps you sleep better. Milk contains calcium which regulates melatonin production and induces sleep. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime signals the body to produce the necessary amounts of melatonin which make your drowsy and relax the body allowing you to sleep peacefully at night. The calcium in the milk also helps to treat pent up stress which may otherwise keep you up at night. The warmth of the milk also relaxes the body and keeps the constant flow of thoughts away which drastically improve sleep quality. You can add a dollop of honey and a spoonful of cinnamon to the milk to enhance its effects.

  1. Chamomile

Drinking chamomile tea acts like a mild tranquilizer and induces sleep to help you relax after a long day. Drinking a cup of warm tea before bedtime soothes the nerves and muscles and lulls you into a restful sleep. Adding honey to the tea can also further induce a sense of deep relaxation. Find out more about the benefits of chamomile here.

Don’t let insomnia keep you up all night. Spend some time to pamper your body and it will surely help you enjoy a night of blissful sleep!


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