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Our digestive system is an incredibly complex arrangement of several organs that work together in order to provide us the nutrition we need for carrying on with our lives. As the food travels through the alimentary canal, it gets broken down into simpler particles that are then absorbed by the body and ultimately provide the required energy to each and every cell. Throughout this complicated process, there are several things that can go wrong and have an effect on our overall health.

Our stomach is the place where a lot of the food is broken down into simpler substances. The stomach accomplishes this task with the help of enzymes and digestive juices and a component of these digestive juices is acid. Normally, the acid in the digestive juices is contained in the stomach but sometimes, due to a faulty valve at the stomach-esophagus junction, the acid can reach into the esophagus as well leading to acid reflux, also known as heartburn. Acid reflux manifests itself as a burning pain in the chest which can cause serious discomfort to the patient.

Acid reflux symptoms can be reduced by consuming the right kind of diet. The following foods are known to help with this issue and provide the relief that is necessary:-

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the oldest foods known to man and is used extensively in many cuisines due to its unique flavour. But it is also quite a healthy food and it can be of great use to anybody who is suffering from acid reflux. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes the walls of the stomach and esophagus and limits the damage caused by exposure to acid. Ginger also has the ability to improve the overall efficiency and quality of digestion, thus ensuring that symptoms of acid reflux don’t appear very often.

You can find out more about the various uses of ginger in treating gastrointestinal problems by clicking here.

  1. Parsley

Parsley is a relatively less known herb in India but has been a part of European cooking for hundreds of years. It is an aromatic herb that is frequently used as a garnish and as a seasoning on many continental dishes, but perhaps its best uses are as a medicinal herb.

For a long time, it has been known that parsley has the ability to soothe and improve the digestive process and settle the stomach when it gets upset. For people suffering from acid reflux, this means better digestion and fewer symptoms of heartburn.

To learn more about the digestive properties of parsley, click here.

  1. Oatmeal

One of the best foods to treat acid reflux, oatmeal can be eaten as a cereal for breakfast or as a healthy snack in the form of oatmeal cookies. The best thing about oatmeal is that it is fairly easy to digest and doesn’t cause any acid reflux at all. It also has the ability to absorb the acidity from other foods, making acid reflux even less likely.

The best part about oatmeal is that is very filling which means it can take care of your food cravings without giving you any heartburn. Learn more about oatmeal here.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has quickly gained popularity and has become one of the most well-known healthy foods in the world. It has done so due to the fact that it houses many essential minerals and nutrients that allow it to treat a variety of diseases, one of them being acid reflux.

Aloe vera is an incredible natural healing agent, which means that it helps to limit the damage caused by acid reflux to your digestive system. It can also decrease the frequency of heartburn and ensure that your digestive system works without causing you any trouble.

Aloe vera is available in many forms, most famously as a juice. You can learn more about aloe vera juice by clicking here.

Acid reflux is an illness that although doesn’t seem to be very dangerous, causes great discomfort to the patient and if untreated can cause serious complications. Enjoy a stomach-friendly diet and keep the heartburn away!


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