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People lose hair trying to figure out the answer to their hair fall issues. Think simple, always keep things simple. The latest products are not going to help when you have not tried natural remedies that have been around for decades. We are going to offer a few suggestions on how you can grow your hair at a speedier rate. While it may be linked to hair fall, we are not directly going to address hair fall itself (we will leave that for another article).

Your hair is technically dead, which is why you do not feel pain when it is cut. However, its growth potential rests in your roots and scalp, which is why you yell ‘ouch’ when your hair is tugged hard. Your growth concerns need to centre on your scalp. Diet, of course, will certainly help. Let us focus on what steps, techniques, and homemade mixtures you can concoct to give you the edge over hair fall.

  1. Hot Oil Scalp Massages

There is no particular way to do this. You can either give yourself a hot oil scalp massage, have a buddy do it for you, or hit the salon to get one. Either way, the aim is to get softer thicker hair and remove all stress from your scalp. This in turn promotes better nutrient absorption from the blood stream and, over time, better hair growth.

Always opt for homemade hot oil treatments. Olive, Jojoba, coconut, and eucalyptus are great choices. Heat up, apply, massage for 15 minutes, leave for 15 more, hot shower with good shampoo and conditioner. That’s all there is to it.

  1. Egg Whites

People say this is a useless idea but they have not understood the main purpose behind why egg whites are suggested for hair growth. Known for their healing properties, egg whites replenish your hair’s original softness that directly influences shine.

Crack open a few eggs, strain the yolks, and collect the whites in a separate cup. Apply as you would naturally, root to tip. Leave it on for 15 minutes, hot shower with shampoo and conditioner. Your hair will get stronger and deflect environmental damage factors. By staying secure in this way, you give your hair room to grow.

  1. Protein Foods

We now touch upon what you need to eat to help your hair grow from within. You cannot eat bad foods and hope to get longer more luscious hair just by using product, no matter how expensive. You will only end up with hair loss or weak hair that does not grow after a point.

Eating protein-rich foods changes the very quality of your hair. It even determines the speed with which it can grow. Fresh fruits, eggs, fish, and leafy green vegetables (steamed not boiled) are excellent choices. 

  1. Potato Water

Vitamins need to come from inside your body but they can also be applied to your hair externally. If you do not have enough vitamins in your body your hair can and will get brittle. Vitamins A, B, and C are absolutely crucial for hair growth.

Eating foods rich in them, similar to the protein idea we mentioned earlier, is one thing. But you should also try using potato water, namely what is left after you boil potatoes, and apply that to your scalp and hair. It still has vitamins taken from the potatoes you boiled (which is one reason why people steam their veggies so they do not lose nutrients to the water they are then going to drain away).

  1. Essential Oils

These are organic and fully natural choices that you can certainly use to promote faster hair growth. You use them all over your body during bath time, which is how these oils are traditionally used. But try this...

Lavender Oil (3 drops) + Rosemary Oil (3 drops) + Thyme Oil (2 drops) + Cedarwood Oil (2 drops) + Jojoba Oil (2 drops)

Hair enhancement through a massage with this mixture during bath time will transform your crowning glory, so it can live up to that name.


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