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Organic eye pillows differ from the standard eye packs in the sense of their fillings and fragrances. Organic Eye Pillows are usually stuffed with flax seeds and naturally fragrant flowers such as Lavender, Eucalyptus or Chamomile. These pillows also contain essential oils and other aromatic substances that are therapeutic and calming to the senses.

Why do you need an organic pillow treatment you ask? Take a look at some of the advantages of treating yourself to this relaxing luxury.

  1. Gentle Pressure To Relieve Stress

Eye pillows are ergonomically designed to give you utmost comfort and relaxation. They have certain curves and bulges at specific points to apply gentle pressure on the areas around the eyes and relieve stress and pain. The eye shape frame of the pillow applies the right amount of force on the acupressure point around the eyes to help revitalise energies and improve vision.


  1. Calming Therapy

Organic eye pillows use a combination of essential oils and herbs which are used for various therapeutic purposes. For example eye pillows with Eucalyptus oils are useful for people suffering from headaches due to a cold or allergies. Lavender infused eye pillows on the other hand are more calming on the nerves and help to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia.

  1. Soothing Treatment

A long hard day at work spent in front of the computer can put a great deal of strain on the eyes. Even being out in the sun for long periods or the stress of working atmosphere can affect the eyes and drain the energy from the body. Eye pillows help to soothe tired eyes and relax them with a cooling effect. The aromatic effect of the oils and herbs also help to relax the mind and take away the tiring effects of a long day.


  1. Relieves Eye Problems

Watching TV for too long, lack of protection from dust and pollution, infections in the eye etc can cause the eyes to become red, irritated and itchy. Wearing an eye pillow helps to soothe the irritation and combat itchiness in and around the eye area. Keeping the eye pillow in the refrigerator for a few minutes also helps to cool down the eyes and sedate the nerves thus alleviating the discomfort.

  1. Helps In Meditation

Eye pillows are designed to completely cover the eyes and block out any external light. Whenever in need of some quiet space and peace of mind an pillow can help to block out the external distractions. It is popularly used as a meditating technique as it keeps away the light, helping one focus while the aromatic properties also enhance the trance-like experience.

  1. Calms Agitated Nerves

After being in a tense or difficult situation, the nervous system of the body becomes very agitated. It may be an argument at work or at home, or a difficult meeting or the stress of an impending exam that can make one feel extremely frazzled and disturbed. The properties of the oils and the scents in the eye pillows work on the senses on the body and help to calm down the nervous system instantly putting the person at ease and in a state of deep relaxation.

  1. Improves Quality Of Sleep

Many a times the quality of sleep is compromised due to an active or restless mind. It may be multiple thoughts about work or just an inability to shut down the contemplation in the mind which can keep you up all night. Wearing an eye pillow to bed can transport the mind into a state of relaxation and draw the stress out of the body through the acupressure points. It works as an effective solution to improve sleep quality and enhance the feeling of freshness the next day.

Organic eye pillows are bountiful of benefits. You need to give them a try and you will assuredly feel the difference in your quality of sleep. To know more about eye pillow treatments, click here.


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