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In the hectic lifestyle that we have created for ourselves in this date, our body usually goes neglected. As a result, it just gives up after some time. Joint pain is inevitable for an ageing human, and those suffering from arthritis and bone conditions will experience significant distress as the years wear on. If you're fortunate enough to have escaped the pain by now, it may still hit you as you age further. Thus, it is always advisable to follow simple home remedies to be sure that age doesn't hit you bad.

Joint pain is quite a common condition. In America, over one-third of the surveyed volunteers reported experiencing joint pain. Unfortunately, despite the prevalence and magnitude of the condition, no permanent solution exists. However, there are a number of home-made fixes that can reduce the pain considerably.

It has to be said that, while the following remedies are effective, they're no substitute for the advice of an expert. They're simply reliable home remedies that are quickly devised for quick relief.

Medication like the Healthvit Glucosar Glucosamine tablets do help with joint pain, but work even faster when combined with these home cures:

1. Flaxseed

Flaxseed has proven to be quite effective against joint pain, because it contains Omega-3 fatty acid. It helps with the relief process because it's a rich source of vegan fat. This, unlike animal fat, does not lead to joint inflammation. You only need a few spoonfuls everyday to meet your requirement, and doesn't ask give up on your cuisine.

2. Light Exercise

Beginning and ending with a hot shower, start performing some light exercises. Yoga is an excellent activity that decreases the body's stiffness and gets the blood flowing smoothly, thus bringing the much-needed glow also. Some weight training is also good for the joints, but don't overdo it since you want an exercise routine that non-impact. Swimming is another excellent choice that's both fun and works on your entire body.

3. Pectin and Grape Juice

The combination of pectin and grape juice is a common home remedy to joint pain. Pectin is a substance found in plants that gives it its firmness. Grape juice itself combats inflammation and the two together have been found to be quite successful in relieving pain.

There have been no firm scientific conclusions as to why the remedy works so well, but it does, and we're thankful that it does.

4. Warm Water Baths

This is a treatment that has long been known and used. Warm water baths greatly alleviate pain around the joints. They do so by stimulating blood flow. Simply immerse yourself or the affected area in warm water for some time every day.

5. Aloe

This treatment hasn't really been confirmed, but there is an age-old belief that applying aloe fights joint pain. It can't hurt to try, and if individuals commit to its authenticity, then why not take it up!

6. Cayenne

Cayenne, as you might have known, contains a spicy substance called Capsaicin. Found in chilies, Capsaicin triggers the brain's pain receptors. Applying a cayenne ointment to the affected area temporarily tricks the brain into forgetting the pain arising from the joint pain. It's not a true solution, but if the pain reaches too high a level, then you can always raid your kitchen for a quick fix.

7. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a wonderful substance. Apart from offering many other benefits, it also helps reduce swelling in tissues. Massage therapists apply mustard oil because it helps stimulate blood flow and improve the overall circulation.

8. Ice Therapy

Reducing the temperature of the affected area reduces tissue swelling. This is why you'll see athletes applying ice packs to affected areas. Ice packs are easily available and are not too expensive also. Apply the ice packs for a little while every hour and you'll experience major long-term relief in the long run.

So there you have it-- easy, accessible solutions to a very comon problem. They aren't miracle cures that will fix your pain in an instant, but will go a long way in comforting your body. Regular application will make it seem as if you don't suffer from joint pain at all. Furthermore, the treatments above are only some of the many available relief operations for joint paint. You'll find plenty more online. Go ahead and give them a shot.

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