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According to Dr. Simin Liu, one of the authors of the study, An "inverse association" exists between coffee consumption and risk for type 2 diabetes.

Who does not like coffee? Perhaps we all! Reason being its aroma and taste has power to hypnotize you.  And this is something amazing to know that besides having tempting taste& aroma, coffee has tremendous health benefits too. The delicious taste and mesmerizing aroma of this romantic beverage has been getting appreciated by people since ages. A cup of organic coffee in morning is enough to boost your energy and eventually gives an energetic start to your day. This yummy black beverage includes numerous health benefits such as protecting against Parkinson’s diseases, liver diseases, liver cancer, type2 diabetes and plays a vital role to uplifts overall heart’s health. It is full of anti-oxidants and nutrients which are essential for our body and overall well-being.

Some of the widely know benefits of coffee are-

Coffee &Diabetes- Coffee is found to be protective against type2 diabetes. It has been identified by researchers that biological activity of Body’s sex hormone is responsible in developing type2 diabetes. When we drink coffee protein sex hormone-binding globulin’s plasma level gets maximizes which decreases the risk of having diabetes.

Burns fat- Caffeine is found to be one of the most effective natural substances to burn fat and boost metabolic rate in our body. Coffee contains caffeine in large amount that’s why most of the people switch to coffee as it gets you in shape without compromising with taste.

Parkinson diseases- This is a neurodegenerative disease caused by end of dopamine-generating neurons in the brain. According to some of the studies, the one who consumes coffee is less likely to develop Parkinson diseases than those who don’t drink it.

According to a study held at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, printed in the journal Neurology, Caffeine in coffee may be helpful in controlling movement in people suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Good for liver- Liver alone carries and responsible for so many essential functions in our body. Various diseases have direct effect on liver which may lead to condition called cirrhosis. In this condition lives is replaced by scar tissues. According to researches, consuming two or more cups of natural coffee in a day minimizes the possibilities of death from liver cirrhosis.

Improves Heart’s health- So many studies and researchers favors the fact that this magical black brew is good for your heart’s health and say that people who drank organic coffee on daily basis have 11 % lower risk of having heart diseases or heart failure than those who never had it. But it does depend on how much coffee you have in a day.

                         Be healthy with a sip of an organic coffee.

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