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In today’s time people have been following a trend of consuming so much of junk food that they have forgotten that what the hell we are exactly doing to our stomach. We are stuffing our stomach with the unhealthy burgers, oily ‘paranthas’ and unhygienic ‘chole bhaturas’! We don’t even give a thought and we start consuming pills at once, whenever our stomach gets upset. Why don’t we think about the natural remedies to cure it? Stomach is really vital and sensitive part of our body which bears all the pain and figures it hard to digest the unhealthy food on which we dwell upon! However, there are some natural simple ways which can help us to maintain a healthy stomach. So let your belly win the battle of digestion and keeps your stomach clean from all the infections.


  1. Hydration:

Hydration is one important aspect which is to be kept in mind. We should try to increase the daily intake of water. Water is the most important as it will keep our body hydrated and will also improve digestion. So, one should drink 8-10 glasses of water on daily basis.


  1. Eating fermented food:

By fermented food we mean food like curd, fermented vegetables which have good bacteria in them and it will improve digestion naturally! The environment for digestion in the stomach should be healthy so that the food which goes in gets easily digested.


  1. Proper chewing:

Yes, indeed, chewing is the first process from where the digestion starts. Chewing properly helps to grind the food material and this in turn mixes with the mouth’s saliva which in return contributes to digestion itself. So the next time you start having food, chew it properly and slowly in order to complete the process of digestion in a healthy manner.


  1. Eating the heaviest meal at lunchtime:

You should incorporate such lifestyle because at midday our stomach is the most capable of digesting the food. And the metabolism rate is also fast during midday. In order to keep the digestion on right track we should try to have our heaviest meal during the day time so that we don’t need to worry afterwards and feel full with our stomach.

  1. Herbal tea:

It is the most common tea in the Indian subcontinent and has become one of the most popular teas in India. It contains high amount of antioxidants which helps in flushing out the toxins from our body. Even doctors advise to switch on to these herbal teas rather than tea or coffee. Here is an interesting tip in order to keep your belly fit and healthy:


Add few drops of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey in green tea, this will not only add to the taste but also control the fat deposition in our body. With regularizing green tea on the daily basis one can see the results in several days in which the skin also starts to glow as all the toxins from the body are gone.


  1. Eat raw, stay fit:

Fresh vegetables and fruits are advised in order to maintain a healthy diet. They are the most natural supplements which one can get in order to stay fit. Avoid having processed food as they only incorporate in increasing the salt content in your body and they don’t add to any nutritional value too.


  1. Relieve your stress:

Stress is the root of all the problems which starts within the body. Try to stay calm and cool in order to maintain balance in your life. Meditation is a good option as it does not only improve your digestion but is one of the most advised stresses relieving therapy. So go healthy by practicing these small techniques in your daily routine in order to keep your stomach free from various chronic health issues.


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