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 A very renowned Dietician at Foodtrainers in New York Carolyn Brown has said that “I love using Almond milk in smoothies, and I also swap it for milk when I make oatmeal or pudding.”

It is said that reducing sugar content will diminish the fat content which will be very beneficial for the child’s overall growth. So depending on Organic Products is the best solution for healthy body. The natural dose of food like almonds is the only apt source of good energy and sound health.

Some benefits of Almonds are:

  • It is very good for the Nervous System.
  • The special properties of it will improve your immune system.
  • The daily intake of Almonds will keep your digestive system in the correct mode.
  • It maintains the good heart beat of the kid.
  • This dry fruit is also very good for Blood Pressure.

The King of Dry Fruits has numerous benefits:

  • Soaked Almonds: The best benefit of giving Almonds daily to the kid is that it will boost up the memory of your kid. The efficient Vitamins like E, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium & some essential fatty acids in a combined form works wonder for the kid’s health. The best way for the body to absorb all the nutrient value is to soak them overnight. This will make it easy for the kid to chew the seed properly & digest it as well. It is such a good way to inculcate good habit in the kid.

  • Good for Digestion: In a study published in “Journal Of Food Science” that soaked almonds enabled the stomach to digest it better. Eating soaked almonds will reduce the Enzyme inhibiting compound plus the release of Lipase will also assist in the breaking of the fat, which helps in the absorption of the nutrients.

  • Healthy Heart: A very essential component which is present in the Almonds, help to reduce Cholesterol level. When eaten daily then the health of the Heart will always be good. So if due to some reason your kid is having problem in the lungs then it can also be corrected naturally. This way a parent will not be worried about the cure also.

  • Good For Weight: May people suffer from weight related issues a lot. So to ensure that this problem does not bother your kid, and then feed him daily 4 to 5 soaked Almonds. This will also reduce the cravings for food a kid might have – a major reason for Obesity. This will also improve his health & when he will grow then he will not be affected by any kind of deficiency. 

    So these loaded benefits of soaked Almonds will be very good for your kid’s health in the long run. With the passage of time he will not be plagued with any kind of diseases. I will suggest all the parents to only feed Natural Dry Fruits to their little ones.

    “Giving small power packed seed of Almond, will give your kid an enormous strength to fight diseases.”

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