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The award winning Los Angeles dentist Dr. Grace Sun, DDS says about Oral Care-"Some people give the responsibility [for their teeth] to their health professional -- they think all they need to do is go to the dentist for a cleaning twice a year. You should be responsible for your own oral health with daily home care."

Bleeding gums is a state which occurs owing to gum disease, poor oral cleanliness or it may be caused due to certain internal illness. Bleeding in the gums usually happens while brushing your teeth or when you sink your teeth into a hard raw fruit. Simple home remedies are very helpful for treating bleeding gums in the initial stages. Along with organic methods you should visit a dentist once in five months for good onslaught and for sign taking away to stop gum diseases and dental problems like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Causes of Gum Bleeding

  • Gum Disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Poor Diet
  • Medications
  • New Toothbrush
  • Smoking

Home Remedies for Gum Bleeding-

The home remedies for flow of blood in gums include - milk, raw vegetables, citrus fruits, clove oil, baking soda, cloves, calendula leaf tea ,sage, peppermint oil, , chamomile tea, saline, and massaging gums. Also, you should keep away from smoking and eating oily food.

Baking Soda- Get some baking soda on your finger and apply it softly on your gums. Baking soda kills bacteria from your mouth; it improves your dental state, makes your gums stronger and also stops them from bleeding.

Alum- Alum is anti infected and a natural gum healer. It helps to make tighter gums and it decreases the gap between teeth and gums to stop food deposits in the gums. Take half tea spoon alum powder in half a glass of water. Use it for mouth clean after meals to take away food particles from gums and to cure bleeding gums.

Henna Leaves- Henna has cooling properties, it reduces bump and irritation in gums. Boil some fresh henna leaves in 500ml. water, chill the water and use it for mouth rinsing after meals and at bed time to take care of bleeding gums.

Chamomile Tea- You can organize a special tea by adding calendula and chamomile leaves in fresh water and then by boiling the mixture. Using up this tea is also helpful in enhancing the state of gums.

 Lemon Wash- Lemon has a rich amount of vitamin C and it helps in keeping up healthy gums. Press half a lemon in one glass of water and use it to wash your mouth after meals. It is an terrific mouth freshener and it helps in reducing bleeding gums.

Bleeding in the gums often happens while brushing your teeth or when you sink your teeth into a tough food.

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