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We all are human beings and god has made us with different types of bodies, size and shapes, still there are many other factors that decide our looks. Being skinny could be annoying for some times as one have to face many comments or bullying in public. They are told again and again about their skinny body. Gaining weight could be a challenging for people with fast metabolism.  There could be many genetic or natural reasons for this, many of us think that they cannot defeat this but this could be conquer easily in natural ways by enhancing the diet & workout and by following some simple steps, the all you need is a will to do, self-confidence and hard work.

Gaining weight can be conquered by sweating, working hard and by eating healthy, stay organic stay healthy.

  • Eat more to gain more- Eat healthy and more to gain weight and muscle mass. What if you are told eating again and again with short span of time will give you extra mass and growth to your muscles? You need to eat more with short breaks. Have 6-7 meals each day. Eat huge and high calories food. Do not stay hungry, if you are going outside somewhere keep some snacks and chocolates handy with you.


  • Stay hydrated- Keep yourself hydrated by eating plenty of water and increase the liquid intake and juices in your diet. Keeping your body hydrated will allow your body cells to grow faster and will also regulate the blood circulation well.

  • Say no to junks- People say that eating junk food will make you fat and it is true. But there’s a difference between gaining weight and mass. Junk consist a lot of calories and it will make you to gain weight but surely it would be the one you wanted to be. Also eating a lot of junk food will make you more prone to health related problems like obesity, deficiency of minerals, malnutrition, etc. Try to avoid these and eat fresh-healthy food.


  • Eat more carbs- Increase the intake of carbohydrate. It will be great to you for consuming it after workout as this will fill some mass to your muscles. Most of the healthy carbs have a high consistency of fiber and works as belly filler or tank of fat for you. You can find this in whole grains, yogurt, nuts etc. Try to avoid unhealthy carb food like cake, crackers, etc.

  • Increase the consumption of calories- The fat in your body is based on how much calories you burn. Make a chart of your calorie intakes and burns. Increase the intake of calorie rich food to gain mass for your body. It will help you great in increasing the growth rate of your muscles.


  • Eggs, milk and banana- These are some of the foods that you can add to your diet and this will help you great in gaining weight. Add this to you daily diet with a minimal quantity of half of the dozens and 2 to 3 glass of milk.


  • Increase the intake of protein- Eating protein rich food will make stronger, bigger and healthier. There are many options to consume protein, try to have as much as of chicken, red meat, cereals and pulses add it to your daily diet. Intake as much as nuts and fruits, also you can add some herbal protein powder to your diet, it will boost your protein level high without any adverse effects.

  • Try herbal supplements-These days when some people are trying to lose their extra weight few of others want to gain weight. There could be many reasons that one is not able to gain weight easily may be because of their fast metabolism, where eating much is not enough. Over this, we need to give provide some extra nutrients to our body. You can take some herbal extracts or kind of herbal mass gain supplements to gain weight easily in a short span of time.



  • Workout hard with weight lifts- Work hard and eat harder. Make your muscles work hard and do scheduled weight lifts at gym. This will make you burn more calories and also you will be able to consume more, the more you sweat your muscles will get stronger and bigger.  “Eat-Sleep-Workout-Repeat” make this your motto and surely you’ll notice the difference within the weeks.

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