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Fruits and vegetables contain various vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibres which the body needs for proper functioning. Though there are times when we replace fruits and vegetables with supplements but these supplements cannot totally be replaced with all their values. The power of the naturally produced fruits and vegetables is higher than that of the dietary supplements. The consequences of not including a well-balanced food plate in your diet leads to various deficiencies of nutrients which in turn brings forth different diseases and illnesses.

Fruits are very essential. A fruit a day is a must in the diet. For those who do not prefer fruits can always have fruit juices as they too are beneficial. Fruits are healthy and they fight different diseases. Insufficient fruit intake leads to the following-

  • Different fruits have different vitamins and minerals. Each of these nutrients is required by the body in different amounts. Apples contain Vitamin B which provides energy to the body. Vitamin C helps in healing of wounds faster. Vitamin A is for healthy eyes and skin while Vitamin K is for blood clotting. Fruits also contain minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron which is needed for a healthy nervous and cardio vascular health. Deficiency of fruits leads to incomplete supply of nutrients and adversely affects the body.

  • Digestion - Fruits are healthy  because these aid in digestion. Fruits have indigestible carbohydrates. They are called fibres. They do not add to calories rather they add to the waste in the intestine and hence result in faster removal of bowels from the body. 
  • Fight diseases - Fruits contain digestible and indigestible fibres. Those which are soluble decrease the absorption of nutrients like glucose and cholesterol. Thus, help in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood and also reduces the risks of diabetes. Fruits are healthy too because they prevent the growth of tumours and help in the development of a stronger immune system.

  • Heart diseases - Fruits like avocado and banana are rich in potassium. Kiwi, dates and oranges are rich in calcium. Potassium and calcium are extremely good for heart health. Including these in the diet can keep you away from the doctor and the huge hospital bills!

  • Fruits for weight control - If you are thinking of losing weight naturally, you can depend on a fruit diet. Fruits have indigestible fibres. They do not add calories to the body. The indigestible fibres lead to keeping you filled, without giving you the urge to eat all the time.

There are numerous deficiency diseases which can be stated due to the insufficient intake of fruits. However, we see that many times even after consuming fruits we still have to face various deficiency diseases. For those times we can include vitamin and mineral supplements. Organic supplements have no side effects. Click here for the best range of organic supplements.


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