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Being a human we need to work hard for our daily life style. Nowadays lifestyle has been changed, we don’t have much time for our own. Sometimes we just tend to ignore the common health problems, may be due to our tight busy schedule or may be because of our carelessness. Though treatment over them is very quick, easy and could be performed at home only with all regular and natural products. These common health issues like headaches, cough, constipation, cold and congestion could make you feel irritated and helpless for a while but can be cured with a little care, by following few of the natural home remedies. Here we will be discussing about the home remedies and solutions for the few of common breakdowns that makes a great disturbance in our day to day life. Fighting and preventing them is good and is easy also but still we should keep some common herbal medicines in our home.

  • Headaches-It is the most common breakdown that every one of us suffers. There are many reasons behind this like extra work load, unscheduled lifestyle, stress, etc. Few of them could be worst for some times but most of them are cleared in few hours. It can be avoided with daily workout, eating healthy and by maintaining your schedule properly. Though you are suffering from headache or severe migraine, there’s no need to worry it can be knocked out easily by-
  • Massaging head with essential oils, lavender oil is much effective in knocking it out.
  • Ginger plays a great role to providing instant relief in headaches, you can consume it raw or can also make ginger tea for quick results.
  • Sometimes headaches are the results of malnutrition, it means that your body is not getting appropriate nutrition.

  • Indigestion & Constipation- Both of these are stomach related problems, and are caused due to improper working of digestive system. This might be very irritating for an instance and makes you peevish. Drinking lots of water and herbal tea everyday will not only help you in being hydrated but also keeps you free from indigestion or constipation problems. Well, if you are suffering from this, consumption of roasted fennel seeds or its powder followed by warm water will give an instant relief to you.

  • Congestion, Cold & Cough-Congestion is excessive collection of fluid in body and it is a very common condition. It could be of different types like chest congestion and nasal congestion. It is usually seen with common cold or cough but there could be many other reasons also behind this. The symptoms are tightened chest, breathlessness, dizziness and irritation in throat. It could be treated easily by gargling with warm salted water, inhaling steam with few drops of peppermint oil is also an effective way, apple cider vinegar with water and honey is not only great for congestion but also boosts immunity.

  • Fever - Fever is our body’s way to fight with infection or virus. Though it could be knocked out following easy home remedies like drinking hot herbal tea, one should bath with lukewarm water with vinegar dissolved in it if he’s suffering from fever. But as it is said that prevention is better than cure one should try to eat healthy and to abstain junk food. There are many herbal blends and extracts that you can take with diet to enhance your immunity.



  • Back pain and muscle strains- Back pains and strains could be stubborn and irritating. It is caused when the muscles are under high pressure or over stretched, it could be due heavy weight lifting, improper sleeping position, throwing something heavy or slipping. It could be healed by simple workouts, taking proper rest, by applying anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants. Remember, if the pain is not settled down within a week you should consult your doctor immediately.

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