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It is considered important to chew groundnuts properly into a paste. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for the bowels to digest it. Or it can be used as a paste in food. Consuming roasted groundnuts and milk together augments the nutritional value. It is advisable for pregnant women, growing children and nursing mothers to include it in the diet. It helps to resist infections especially tuberculosis and hepatitis. Researchers have proved that groundnut contains five important nutrients such as protein, thiamine, niacin, food energy and phosphorus. Its oil helps to soften the skin.

Peanuts Beneficial for Health

The shell of peanuts contains two or three kernels in individual pods. Here are some benefits of including peanuts in your diet.

  • Proteins: The cells of our body are constantly destroyed and repaired. To make sure that the upcoming cells are healthy, we need protein. Peanuts are highly concentrated with protein and thus, it is incorporated in thediet of people, especially children, vegetarians and pregnant ladies. It helps in proper growth and development of thebody. To change a mundane sandwich you can add products from peanut like peanut butter or crunch.

  • Teeth-Disorders: Chewing fresh peanuts along with a pinch of salt nourishes the gums, safeguards the enamel of the teeth and kills harmful bacteria.
  • Beauty Aid: Apply a mixture of refined groundnut with lime daily on the skin before going to bed. It nourishes the skin, prevents acne and pimples.
  • Diabetes: Consuming a handful of peanuts is beneficial for diabetic people. It prevents malnutrition and regulates the sugar level.
  • Cholesterol: It decreases the harmful cholesterol. Peanuts contain oleic acid which prevents coronary diseases.
  • Cooking: Using cooking oil in food will help to maintain the protein balance in thediet.

  • Stomach Cancer: Anti-oxidants present in peanuts reduce the risk of stomach cancer by cancelling carcinogenic amines.
  • Peanuts are beneficial in diarrhoea, fights depression and help infertility. They are also considered as anti-oxidants and are rich in minerals and vitamins too.

Side Effects of Peanuts

  • Excessive intake of peanuts might cause heartburn, gas and may also cause allergy towards it.
  • Peanut allergies have become very common. So it is advisable to ensure that you don’t have a nut allergy otherwise it might cause serious issues.
  • If a peanut looks greenish yellow in colour, then do not consume it because it might have fungus in it.

New Products have been launched by the market to add peanuts daily into our diets. We now have peanut butter, peanut crunch, groundnut oil and peanut snacks to enjoy our eatables.

Groundnut is a solution to all your problems whether it is related to hair or beauty or health. Now enjoy your food with new inventions of peanut products for taste. You can surf more products which Joy By Nature is providing here.


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